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Published on : Sep 29, 2014

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This is a guest blog post by Sandro Pereira, one of the speakers of the event.  Sandro Pereira works as a BizTalk Consultant at Devscope. Over the last few years, Sandro has been working on integration scenarios and Cloud Provisioning implementations at a major telecommunications service provider in Portugal. Sandro has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since January 2011 for his contributions to the World-wide BizTalk Server community. Last Thursday, September 25, BizTalk Innovation Day was held in Norway for the third consecutive year and for the first time in Oslo, since the others were held in Stavanger. Around 60 attendees + speakers + event organisers, attended the event especially from Norway and Sweden, some companies were Microsoft partners who brought their BizTalk consultants other were customers and/or possible customers, 5 Microsoft Integration MVP’s present, 3 Sponsors (Microsoft, Bouvet and BizTalk360) and an incalculable number of networking hours these are some of the numbers that reflect the success of this event. The event started early at the Mesh event room, and let me say to you that it was a nice venue for organizing a cool event, where the speakers start the preparation by checking all the equipment’s: the projector, microphones and internet connection before a presentation to guarantee its success. MAXI - BizTalk Innovation Day, Venue Sandro Pereira

Opening keynote: Sverre Hurrum CEO Bouvet‏

Bouvet CEO Sverre Hurrum had the pleasure of opening the event with his introduction speech welcoming all the guests explain the importance of this kind of events and thanking the participation of all attendees and speakers. Sverre Hurrum CEO Bouvet‏ MAXI - BizTalk Innovation Day, Venue

The Future of Integration by Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter was the first one to climb the stage to present his session about the future of integration addressing in his point of view the typical integration projects and what are the current integration mega-trends in the industry: cloud computing, internet of things, mobility, wearable’s, big data, api-centric, micro-services, pre-packaged integration, shifting budgets, OSS adoption, container-based deployment and devops; how that may impact your approach to integration today and tomorrow and how can you be prepare for the future technologies. Richard Seroter

Hitchhiker’s guide to integration with Microsoft Azure BizTalk Service by Steef-Jan Wiggers

The second session of the day was provided by Steef-Jan Wiggers in his talk about Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services, a walk through by all the parts and components that you need for starting developing in and with BizTalk Services. Covering not only the development aspects using Visual Studio, but the management aspects as well, like the steps requirement for you to provisioning a BizTalk Services subscription, backup & restore services and troubleshoot applications using the tracking data. Steef-Jan Wiggers

Developing like an Integration Person by Nino Crudele

The third session of the day after a small break for networking and coffee was provided by Nino Crudele, as always, in addition of captivate and put the whole audience laughing, Nino was able to present the new version of his awesome add in to Visual Studio “BTS NoS Addin” now in a format as a Visual Studio package that will make the lives of all BizTalk developers much better and easy! This will be a tool that all BizTalk developers must have! The tools has some basic features that enable you to find dependencies in your projects, finding resources or even test pipelines without having to deploy them. And some advance features that allow us to compare artifact from our production environment with our development artifacts and extract them from production and a new windows that allow us to dynamic navigate through the dependencies of the artifacts. He also found some time to explain how can we extend the Visual Studio and create new packages with new custom features. Nino Crudele

Top 10 features we added in BizTalk360 in 2014 by Saravana Kumar

The first session of the afternoon was provided by Saravana Kumar with his talk about the Top 10 features we added in BizTalk360 in 2014 revealing the challenges that that companies face while monitoring a BizTalk Server environment like: Support by non-BizTalk people; Governance & Auditing; Security: Access and Authorization; Sharing of BizTalk Environments between Business Units; and Monitoring and Notifications. And meanwhile presented the values and benefits that BizTalk360 has to offer to them, as well the new features available: Message Flow viewer and cloud support. Saravana Kumar

The new Transform Designer available in BizTalk Services by Sandro Pereira

Sandro Pereira was the next one climbing the stage to present his session about the new Transform Designer available in BizTalk Services addressing the basic differences between the BizTalk Server Mapper and the new Mapper in BizTalk Services, the challenges present migrating current BizTalk Server maps and how can this task be accomplished, and how can we can accomplish some basic transformation task like grouping shorting and condition patterns. He end his presentation with a complex transformation challenger mapping a SAP invoice to an EDI Invoice document and wrapping up with the “the good, the bad and the ugly” features of the new Transform Designer. Sandro Pereira

Release of BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices book

Before the last session of the day, Sandro Pereira had a special announcement to make. The public release of his free new eBook about “BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices” a 400-page recipe for BizTalk Developers to develop effective, robust, and organized maps that he has previous announce during the BizTalk Summit 2014, London event. The BizTalk Mapping Patterns and Best Practices book is a reference guide mainly intended for BizTalk developers to make their day-to-day lives easier. The book offers insights on how maps work, the most common patterns in real time scenarios, and the best practices to carry out transformations and has as technical reviewers Steef-Jan Wiggers, Nino Crudele, Michael Stephenson and José António Silva. Sandro Pereira has been working on this over the last one year, and his original idea of publishing these information as a blog changed in the due course to become a white paper, then finally to a “Community eBook” with about 400-pages and contributions from so many people. BizTalk360 is proud to publish this book and make it available to the community. Click here to download your free copy of the eBook. Release of BizTalk Mapping Patterns & Best Practices book

Developers Vs. Operation by Tord Glad Nordahl

And the final session was made by Tord Glad Nordahl with his improved session from London: “Developers Vs. Operation”. It’s always very fun to listen to “The Administrator” explaining how developers and administrator should work closest and how they should interact more to a better end result in BizTalk solutions. He shared some of the secrets from both world (developers and administrators), addressing many issues/common mistakes that he found over the years in the field and of course, playing and pushing the developers in the room. Tord Glad Nordahl

Wrapping Up and Q&A session

The event end up with an improvised Q&A session and with a few word from Tord Glad Nordahl and after this with have time to talk weed the attendees – some social network – and have some beers after the event. Q&A Session at BizTalk Innovation Day, Oslo The BizTalk Crew with Richard Seroter MAXI - BizTalk Innovation Day, Venue MAXI - BizTalk Innovation Day, Venue MAXI - BizTalk Innovation Day, Venue After the event has ended the team enjoyed a little by visiting and getting to know Oslo and have a great time together. BizTalk Innovation Day - Evening Party Steef-Jan-Wiggers, Richard Seroter

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We are very honored and humbled to see such a positive response from the entire BizTalk community. Here are some of the great feedback tweets that we were have seen so far. BizTalk Innovation Day - Tweet Feed BizTalk Innovation Day - Tweet Feed BizTalk Innovation Day - Tweet Feed BizTalk Innovation Day - Tweet Feed BizTalk Innovation Day - Tweet Feed