Are you an Integration expert? INTEGRATE 2016 is the place to be

Published on : Mar 16, 2016

Category : Events



integrate-2016-v1 We are proud to partner with Microsoft to bring you this great event focused purely on Integration. After months of preparation we are finally happy to announce the registrations for INTEGRATE 2016  (May 11th to 13th) is now open.  The event has grown organically year on year since our first event back in 2012 and now it stands as the only premier event focused on Integration in Microsoft stack across the world. When we started the event back in 2012 it was purely BizTalk server focused event, today the integration technology has expanded its horizon exponentially in the last 4 years.


Today when we talk about Integration (just within Microsoft stack), we need to cover at least 10 different technologies like BizTalk Server, Azure App Services (LogicApps, API Apps), IoT, Service Bus, API Management, Power BI, Stream Analytics, Application Insight, Operations Insight etc. To reflect the wider technology adoption, we rebranded the event as “INTEGRATE”. There will be 22 sessions over the period of 3 days, covering a wide variety of topics in Integration space. You’ll hear about the roadmap of BizTalk Server 2016 and beyond.


This is also the first year we are extending the event to 3 days in London. We started off with one-day event in 2012, then to two days event in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and now 2016 is going to be 3 days at the prominent ExCel Exhibition Center, home for some of the top technology conferences in London like Microsoft Azure Roadshow, Microsoft Future Decode, AWS ReInvent etc.


You don’t often get a chance to hear directly from the horses mouth, but that’s not the case at INTEGRATE 2016. We are lining up 24 speakers for the event, 10 of them are from core Microsoft product group.  This is the first time ever you are going to see all the core members of the Microsoft product group (BizTalk, Azure App Services, API Management and Service Bus) present directly. Recently there were some organisation restructuring with these teams and you’ll get a chance to see the new leadership team at INTEGRATE 2016. On top of this,  we have 14 Microsoft Integration/Azure MVP’s all presenting real-world case studies and the deep-dive sessions on various topics related to integration.


Listening to the sessions from product group and industry leaders is one thing, and the opportunity to get a chance to speak to 100’s of attendees over 3 days period is invaluable. In any conferences, the most interesting part and the place where you gain maximum knowledge is by interacting with people during lunch and coffee breaks. All the speakers are staying in the venue for the duration of the event, hence, you’ll find enough time and opportunity to speak to them. In addition we expecting close to 400 attendees this year from across the world, all come with vast experience and willingness to share their learning’s.

Pricing & Registration

We just wanted to be as transparent as possible in organising and running this event. We are running the event as a pure community activity, taking the responsibility for pulling this together. The budget for this event is $200,000, we are taking 100% risk in organising this. The funding for this event is mainly driven by attendees fees and a small portion from the sponsors. In order to break even (in other words not to lose any money from our pocket), we need to achieve 300 attendees. We are very comfortable in reaching those numbers given the value proposition for the attendees we are bringing and previous years experience.  If you look at the pricing table below, you can see clearly the event is not priced to make any profit. I hope you are ready now, please go ahead and sign up at integrate-2016-registration