3 reasons to attend INTEGRATE 2014 – Event preparation update

Published on : Nov 6, 2014

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We are ramping up our preparation for INTEGRATE 2014 event, it’s just less than a month away. I would like to give you all an update on what’s happening behind the scenes so that you get an idea of the scale of the efforts and reasons why you should attend INTEGRATE 2014

Event Venue

This week I’m in Redmond primarily to sort out the event logistics along with the Microsoft event team and product group. One of the key elements of any successful event is the venue. You might think getting a place at this vast Microsoft campus is an easy task, but I can assure you it’s not for the faint hearted. There are always tons of events going on in the campus and it’s big challenge if you want to get into one of the executive meeting venues. We were originally allocated a room in one of the standard buildings, and after seeing the place I was bit upset. Luckily we reacted quickly and worked along with the MS event team here and found a really cool place. We had to negotiate with the people who have already booked this place, and they were kind enough to swap the rooms, since their conference is more internal Microsoft one. Here are some pictures I’ve taken, it’s going to be awesome.

Speaker Line up

Next big thing after the event venue is the speaker line up and content. At end of the day, you attend the event not just because it’s happening in a fancy location, but you wanted to get some quality content. We are very happy with the speaker line up we have, it can’t get any better than this for an integration focused event. If you haven’t seen the line up recently, please take a look at http://integrate2014.com/speakers/ Scott Gu is going to kick off the keynote with the big cloud vision, followed by Bill Staples and Vivek Dalvi some of the key people working on the integration space. As you can imagine getting a slot in Scott Gu’s diary requires lot of planning. These key executives are always busy and their diaries are typically full for months. We thank the internal Microsoft team for making this happen. In addition pretty much all the content for the 3 days are delivered by Microsoft Product group, some top customer stories and industry leaders. There will also be bunch of Microsoft Integration MVP’s available through out the conference, giving you the opportunity to ask any technical questions you have.


Finally content, what’s the point in attending the event if you can’t take away some valuable content back home. Of course you have invested your time and money to attend this event hoping you wanted to see what’s the current and future integration story in Microsoft stack is, I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. This week one of the other reasons why I’m here at Redmond is to attend the Global MVP Summit 2014. This is very important event and lot of NDA material gets shared with the attendees. We were privileged to see some of the cool stuff that’s coming in the integration space. the product group kind of used this event as a dry run for the INTEGRATE 2014 event. We have seen some mind blowing stuff that’s happening and certainly you don’t want to miss it. If in case you haven’t registered yet, please go ahead and do so immediately, this is the event you don’t want to miss if you are in Microsoft integration space. register-now-flag-button