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Year Gone by in BizTalk360 Support

Published on : Dec 29, 2016

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With the year drawing to an end, many customers are trying to close loose ends, finish the tasks for this year and most important trying to get some idea of what the new year is going to bring with it and setting up new resolutions for the coming year. This past year BizTalk360 Support team had a lot of customer feedback and thought we could share the same with all of you and also give you some feedback on this open channel by asking our technical team some questions and give you some much awaited answers.

Customer Feedback

A lot of our customers have been really appreciative of the product ‘BizTalk360’ and the customer support as well. We have recently had a lot of process changes internally to ensure the customer is always taken care of and kept up to date with information on their ticket. Also, to keep our portal tickets clean, we have implemented a 3-day rule for tickets to be closed if we don’t receive a reply from the customer. We also welcome customer feedback on the support via our Feedback Survey and many of you have taken the time to praise us or give us your pain points which we really appreciate. Of course there is the odd time when customers can get aggravated when things are not going their way, like a feature request they really need but unfortunately, we are unable to fit in our development cycle for the next upcoming release. We are always trying to improve and get the features you desire by constantly having meetings with the technical team to discuss the issues the customers face.

Customer Quotes

Here are some of the customer quotes the BizTalk360 Support team have received in the past few months:
“Very friendly and fast response on every ticket. Thumbs up to the support team.” “Service support is excellent, right on top of issues.” “It would be nice to have multiple languages available for support in the distant future.” “I am glad that BizTalk360 support team keep up the pace and put their best efforts to help customers out to resolve their issues. We are not left alone like other integration tool vendors in market.” “I do believe that the deactivation process can be improved to allow user the option to deactivate again if process failed”
As a comment to that last statement: we are hoping to improve the deactivation process as many of the customers have concerns, but it is an ongoing process, please bear with us.

Customer Questions

When is my feedback portal new feature suggestion going to be implemented?

The feedback portal is a way for our customers to tell us what they would like to see in upcoming releases for our product. In fact, Auto Healing, which is a custom built feature for a specific customer, is one of the popular features and most wanted as well. The BRE Composer is another such feature which was implemented based on the feedback given by the customer. The Tracking Manager which has been implemented in our latest release is also something that a lot of customers were interested in. We also have a dedicated member of the technical team updating and responding to the feedback portal requests made by the customer. So please continue to pour in your feedback and vote on the features you would most like to see in our next release!

A customer requests a feature that’s in the works but it’s complicated and you don’t have an ETA? What if it’s a feature you’re never planning on building?

We always aim to be honest in our replies and will usually give an expected ETA after consulting with the technical developers. Unfortunately, if it’s a feature that cannot be implemented currently we still don’t rule it out. We go by customer response and if that feature is the most wanted we will put our efforts towards getting it done.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give your customer when they face any issues?

The Assist portal is a fountain of knowledge on all BizTalk360 issues and is expanding daily. We update it after every release explaining the new features of this update. Always try to use the search functionality on the assist portal to find the solution to any issue you face. biztalk360 assist portal home

Are there any quick tricks you can suggest to help the customers when they have any issues?

We at BizTalk360 Support face similar issues like the customers face, and we try and document such new errors or issues and the possible solutions that were applied to resolve these issues. Please have a look at the Tips & Tricks page where we document any customer errors which might occur and the simple solutions that were employed. Besides these, please remember to provide a screenshot or error message that you encountered when you submit a ticket. Our BizTalk360 support staff are always on hand to help you out no matter what the question.

How are the tickets handled once they are submitted?

Our L1 BizTalk360 support staff are the first point of contact. They hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If the issue is an advanced one, we move it over to the L2 BizTalk360 support staff who will then contact the customer to help resolve the issue. In fact, all our L1 BizTalk360 support staff undergo constant technical training to gain a deeper understanding of the product. Although most of the issues are solved by L1 and L2 support, we have also L3 and L4 support staff in place.

How often do you have a new release of BizTalk360?

Many customers have expressed an interest in knowing when we would have another release. We aim for a new release every quarter but depending on the quantity of the development work involved this could change. We also have a new feature in our latest release which will inform you immediately when a new release is available for you to download, without having to contact support for a URL. It will be an orange ‘Download’ blinking icon. biztalk360 new release download link

We are always listening and improving your experience with BizTalk360!