Does your organization use the Business Rules Engine (BRE) to maintain the business policies/rules? How does your business user work on applying changes to these existing policies and introduce a new policy depending on the market conditions? Does he have adequate privileges to make changes directly in the deployments, or is he forced to get in touch with the IT department to get the changes done? In most business scenarios, it’s mostly the latter case.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Rules Composer that makes your business user no longer dependent on your IT team to add/modify a rule and publish/deploy them? BizTalk360 Rules Composer is built exactly for that purpose keeping the business users in mind.

Rules Creation Pane

New to Rules Composer? Don’t worry! We have a preloaded Help pane containing information about how to use the Business Rules Composer feature. While creating a new business rule, the help pane will display the rules creation information. Similarly, while creating a new version (of a policy), this pane will display the Policy Testing information.

biztalk360 features
biztalk360 features

Effective Rules Bench

Creating the business rules using BizTalk360 Rules Composer is not rocket science. It is pretty much the same as the Business Rule Composer that ships with BizTalk Server, but a web version. You can simply drag the vocabularies and drop them into the appropriate condition in the rules workbench to design your business rules.

Publish/Deploy Rules directly

It just does not end with creating the rules. With the relevant permissions, users have the ability to publish/deploy rules directly into the environment from the BizTalk360 Rules Composer.

biztalk360 features
biztalk360 features

Wide Range of Vocabulary

BizTalk360 Rules Composer comes out of the box with preloaded vocabularies, predefined functions and predicates that helps you to create and deploy new rules in no time.

Additional options in BizTalk360 Rules Composer

Though we say the BizTalk360 Rules Composer is the web version of the Business Rules Engine that ships with BizTalk Server, we’ve invested many man hours to provide additional useful options to the user.
A new “Where” function that can be used as an argument to query the database tables and retrieve information, additionally three statements – If, Else, Else If can be applied to the actions part of the rule, a date/time picker option to minimize the errors and ease of use for the user, and the Download Test Result option to download the modified XML file.

biztalk360 features