Why I joined BizTalk360

Published on : Sep 3, 2013

Category : BizTalk360 Update



First of all I am Ricardo Torre, 30, married, Portuguese. I love technology and knowledge in general. After spending over 6 years at Microsoft working a Premier Field Engineer I decided to join BizTalk360 where started two weeks ago.

When I first started thinking about blogging I thought about starting on a technical subject but all would feel vain if I would not write an introductory post. And what would be a better subject then talk about why I decided to leave big and stable Microsoft and join the vigorous and innovative BizTalk360.

Working in a big company like Microsoft comes with some nice perks like a more than decent salary, flexible work times, a very nice office and a lot of things are just done for you, so you just reap the benefits. One of the best things for me was to work with most important BizTalk customers World Wide. But as everything in life the job also comes with some inconveniences such as a significant admin overhead, reporting to a rigid structure and of course your ability to influence the path to success is limited.

When I started looking over to opportunities BizTalk360 always sounded very attractive to me due to the significant presence on social media, the depth and breadth of product innovation and of course for creating the hype in the BizTalk community!

The technical side of the product also played a big role in my choice and as a technical guy I like lists, so here it goes:

  • Good security story, done.
  • Good and easy setup, done.
  • Web based, no installs and no frills based console, done.
  • HTML5 web console, next version.
  • One stop shop for managing and administrating BizTalk, done.
  • Reliable and highly available architecture, done.
  • Fast and modern release cycle, done.

Possibilities for growth? Huge.

And what about for me personally? Every decision has a cost, in this case it means working in London or a 2 hours flight away from my home town. I do like the city, it has its charm, and of course is a significant business and financial center where there is always a lot happening. It also meant driving in the wrong side of the road, this is the way I like to refer to the fact that the British drive on the opposite side of the road from the rest of Europe and most of the world. That was an initial stress I had to deal with, but I can report it is a lot easier than what I expected.

And now from my new role perspective I really appreciate the fact that this is a new and blooming company where I can intervene in all areas. I will be spending a good part of my time in pre-sales work, so if you want a BizTalk360 demo feel free to reach out to me, I hope I can put the right feeling inside you, meaning: If you have BizTalk and you are not using BizTalk360 you are missing out big time! I will also be inputting my extensive field experience into product design and architecture so that we can reach new heights and have the best and most wanted features for every possible customer.

From over 30000 feet away from the ground,