Way Of Saying Thank You To Our Customers. 10% Discount Until End Of July 2015

Published on : Jun 10, 2015

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Blog-banner I started BizTalk360 4 years ago after getting frustrated by not having good tooling for BizTalk Server administration and monitoring. At that stage I was focused purely on listening to community and customer feedback, their pain points and slowly but steadily adding feature after feature into the product. It took nearly 18 months, before I hired our first employee. Since then we have grown at a steady phase, now with above 30 people and a nice modern office both in UK and India. We genuinely think any Microsoft BizTalk server customer will get benefited from using BizTalk360, whether you are a BizTalk standard license customer with 2 applications, or a large enterprise customer with 6 servers and 400 applications, there is something for everyone. We priced our product on the same philosophy, we wanted to monetize it in a way everyone can afford it. Ex: If you are a BizTalk standard license customer, BizTalk360 price is $99/month for your production environment (Note: The price is for environment, not per server or per CPU core or per user). The reason we didn’t put the pricing public is purely because some non-technical people get confused with terms like BizTalk environment, server count, application count etc. As this month marks a special occasion for so many celebrations on our side, most importantly our 4th anniversary, introduction of “BizTalk NoS Ultimate” – our second product, and our major office move, we really wanted to share the occasions with our customers (whether you are existing customer buying new licenses or brand new ones). Hence we are giving 10% discount for 12 months subscription (about $120 to $1200 in value, depending on the size of your environment on top of our fair pricing.). We have never done any such offer in the past, we possibly will not do one for at least sometime in the future. So if you are thinking about buying BizTalk360, this is the right time. You can find more details about the offer here “Claim your offer