Integrate 2020 Remote Session Spoiler – Setting up a highly available BizTalk Server in Azure

Published on : May 12, 2020

Category : Events

Mohan Nagaraj


Today, it’s more common with BizTalk Server environments located in Azure. With the release of BizTalk Server 2020, this is increasing. Generally, production environments require a highly available solution. When setting up a Highly Available BizTalk environment in Azure you have some additional considerations to take into account compared with doing it in your own environment. This session shows you the alternatives for clustering SQL Server, BizTalk Server, and MSDTC. As some of the clustering features require shared storage, we look at Storage Spaces Direct and Premium File Storage.

To successfully configure the failover clustering you need to configure networking in the right way, setting up a Load Balancer to route the traffic to the right server.

As time is limited, we concentrate on BizTalk Server 2020 and the concepts needed apart from a normal setup. If you’re not considering setting up an environment in Azure, you will still get interesting insights on how networking works in Azure and technologies you can use in your own datacenter.

Why I should attend INTEGRATE 2020 Remote?

With INTEGRATE 2020 Remote, we are consolidating all Microsoft Integration focused content in a single place covering on-premise (BizTalk Server), cloud (Azure Logic Apps, Functions, API Management, Service Bus, Event Grid, Event Hub, Power Platform), and Hybrid in an intense 3 days conference, with its own keynote.

If you are a Microsoft Integration professional, even if you attend part of the conference here and there, you’ll still see significant value educating and preparing yourself for the future. Please go ahead and register now.