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Global Integration Bootcamp India – Event Recap

Published on : Mar 29, 2017

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On March 25th, BizTalk360 along with Microsoft hosted and sponsored the first ever Global Integration Bootcamp event in India at the venue Microsoft GTSC campus in Bangalore. It was a bright Saturday morning. We reached the event venue at 8 AM and surprised to see few participants already present on the venue even though the event was supposed to start only on 9.00 AM. We started the preparations for the event – setting up the registration desk, preparing the stage for the speakers and so on. By the time we were done attendees started to come in for the event. By 09.00 AM, we had close to 70% percent of the attendance at the event venue. We had a diverse audience ranging from Students to Integration Experts from various organizations. The Welcome Note was given by Sriram Hariharan announcing the spot awards for attendees for the maximum number of Tweets and Retweets.


After the welcome note, Deepak Rajendran started off the proceedings through an excellent keynote, stressing on the importance of community to any platform. The whole keynote was filled with passion and energy and it was an excellent way to kick start Global Integration Bootcamp.

Session 1 – Cognitive Services

The keynote was followed by Harikharan Krishnaraju (Hari) with a presentation on Cognitive services and how we can provide our apps a human side. Hari started of the session with a video which was inspirational and showed the power of the Azure Cognitive Services offering. He then proceeded to explain various API’s that are available for the developers to incorporate those capabilities in their application. He also showed us a demo on how to use Cognitive Services in the Logic Apps and use the power of Emotion API to detect the sentiment using the Twitter feed as your data.

Session 2 – Azure API Management

After a short coffee break, Sunny Sharma from BizTalk360 took the stage to present on the topic Secure and Optimize APIs using Azure API Management. He showed us various Authentication mechanisms that we can employ to protect our APIs and the various options that are available in the developer portal and the publisher portal. The session was received well and followed with lot of questions from the participants.

Session 3 – On-premises data gateway

As the last session before lunch, we had Sajith C P explaining the On-Premises Data Gateway to leverage on-premise data for hybrid scenarios. He also explained the confusion around different gateways available in Azure and provided a great demo using Azure Logic Apps with BizTalk Server connector to connect to a on-premise SQL Server.

Lunch time!!

After the morning sessions, it was time for the attendees to enjoy the lunch offered by Microsoft. Even though it was the lunch break, most of participants utilized the time to interact with the speakers and clarifying their doubts which is the whole point of any community events.

Session 4 – Enterprise Integration Pack

After the lunch, Shree Divya and Shailesh Agre took the stage to commence their talk on Enterprise Integration Pack with Logic Apps. They explained how we can use Azure Logic Apps for business-to-business (B2B) workflows and seamless communication. They also showed us a demo on how organizations can exchange messages through industry standard protocols like AS2, X12 and EDIFACT.

Session 5 – Automated Workflows

It was time for Lohith G Nagaraj to take stage and talk on his topic Automated Workflows between Apps & Services using Microsoft Flow. Lohith started his session with great enthusiasm which he made sure to spread this to the participants as well. He started off explaining how easy it is to use Microsoft Flow and the difference between the Flow and Logic Apps. He also showed couple of demos on how to monitor your Twitter mentions and how to automate simple workflows within your organization. Finally he showed us various templates that are available in Microsoft Flow.

(Final) Session 6 – Hybrid Integration

It was time for the final session of the day by Roy Joseph and Rekha Kodali on Hybrid Integration. Rekha and Roy made a case for why Hybrid Integration is the future and what the available offerings in the Azure Platform to satisfy all the hybrid integration scenarios.

Pictures from the event

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Vote of Thanks

It was time to wrap up the Integration Bootcamp. Arunkumar Kumaresan delivered the vote of thanks and thanked everyone involved for making the event a successful one. Arun also gave out mementos to the speakers for their active participation in the event. He gave out spot awards to one of the attendees, Prakash Nimmala, for the maximum number of Tweets and Retweets.


It was almost time to say goodbye to all the attendees and with this the Global Integration Bootcamp event came to close. We had sense of satisfaction after not just being able to successfully execute the event but the event hosted in India is the biggest in number of participants among all the countries that conducted the Global Integration Bootcamp. Our sincere thanks to all the speakers, Microsoft GTSC Bangalore and specially to the attendees for making this event a grand success.