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Eye and Dental Camp at BizTalk360 Campus

Published on : Aug 5, 2017

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BizTalk360 Employee Welfare Benefits:

Always our Management is trying to provide a great working place to all our great employees working at BIZTALK360. We have already started to introduce a lot of Employee benefit schemes and programs to make the working environment as more comfortable for our employees.
“On what high-performing companies should be striving to create: A great place for great people to do great work.”–Marilyn Carlson
Recently we have introduced “Group Medical Insurance Policy” (GMIP) to all our confirmed employees with one of the most famous Insurance Provider – Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited through Fiducial Brokers. biztalk360 employee welfare Employees who have completed their 2 years of services with BIZTALK360 will be covered with INR 5 Lakhs sum Insured and others with 3 Lakhs sum Insured. In that GMIP we have not only covered the employees and we have also covered their families as well like Spouse, children, and their parents. As of now two employees from our organization have utilized this medical insurance and have received funds towards expenses spent for their medical treatment.

Dental Camp:

On the first week of August 2017, we have organized a Dental camp through our Insurance Vendor Ms. Fiducial Brokers at our premises under the supervision of Dr. Manikandan from M/s Tooth Town Dental Clinic along with his team members Miss. Akshaya and Ms. Sindhu. The Toothtown clinic is providing Quality Dental care in comfortable surroundings, following a strict protocol of Sterilization, using Disposable materials, high-end dental equipment’s, maintaining Appointment and hassle free dental treatment. biztalk360 employee welfare This checkup includes General Dental Screening and counseling to our employees. Also, they had explained the importance of a Dental check up on a regular basis to prevent any dental related issues in future like gum diseases, tooth decay (cavities). The doctor has suggested all of us for a bi-annual checkup to keep our teeth as healthy as possible.

Eye Camp:

The eye camp was conducted by the World’s Largest Eye Care provider who is having a maximum number of stand-alone surgical centers M/S Vasan Eye Care Hospitals P Ltd – Lakshmi Mills branch on the same day when we had conducted a Dental camp. Team members from Vasan Eye care Ms. Haripriya (Optometrist & Counselor) and Ms. Sumitha (NCT) have done the following check-ups to our employees under the guidance of Mr. Pappusamy.
  • General Screening
  • NCT ( Non-contact Tonometry)
  • Refraction
  • Counselling
biztalk360 employee welfare Before proceeding with Non-contact tonometry check-up, they have done a preliminary screening to determine the eye sight correction  (+/-).  After which they have started for NCT check- up which called as “Air Puff test” to determine the pressure of our eyes. Counselling was provided by the Vasan Eye care team to all the employees in our office. They have advised for a regular eye check-up for us as Software Engineers are the most prone to eye related ailments. Also, we got a common suggestion from them to use anti-glare glasses while working and watching T.V. to prevent any eye related problems in future. Few employees from our office weren’t aware that they had sight issues and only came to know after this camp. We could realize the importance of a regular Eye and dental check-ups by this camp. We believe that “A Healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, It changes your mind, Your Attitude and Your mood.”  Hence, we are planning to conduct these types of camps to our employees every six months. BizTalk360 Eye & Dental Camp in Pics