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Webinar Spoiler: Evolve your business with a modern BAM Solution

Published on : Nov 5, 2020

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Continuing our series of webinars around Atomic Scope, BizTalk360, and BizTalk server, this time we will explain how you can evolve your business with modern BAM solutions using Atomic Scope.

If you are finding it difficult to have an overview of your business transaction which are running through your middleware platform? Then this webinar is for you!

Using Atomic Scope, you can provide the right set of permissions, and share responsibilities with your team members.

During the webinar, we’ll take deep dive into the following

  • Setting up a business process in the Atomic Scope
  • Instrument Atomic Scope in a simple BizTalk Messaging solution
  • Delegate tasks by setting users permissions
  • Overview of the monitoring capabilities

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Date: 26 November,2020 Time: 10-11 AM GMT

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The webinar will be hosted by our product consultants, who have years of experience in the area of Atomic Scope and BizTalk Server.

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Here is a short clip highlighting the spoilers of the webinar;