BizTalk360 – What is the Roadmap?

Published on : Sep 14, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We often hear this question from people asking our Roadmap, the honest answer is “We don’t have one”. Being a small company we can’t afford to have a lengthy business plan with long set of features.  Having big plans only scares people off, instead of doing things. We keep things simple, we work on 1 or 2 features at a time. Do it very well and make sure it works as promised. We give demos to 1 or 2 customer a week consistently, and our future directions are mainly driven by those customer requests. When we hear something for the first time we ignore it (it’s true, we ignore it). When we hear the same thing second time, we make a note of it, and finally when we hear it third time that feature is definitely getting into our next release. The other areas we concentrate is on reliability, we improve the quality of BizTalk360 on every release. Again, being a small company the last thing we want is to spend time diagnosing unknown issues raised by customers. It just puts lot of stress and pauses our regular routine, so we constantly improve the quality. BizTalk360 now is a completely different product to the one we have planned 19 months ago. If we had spend time writing business analysis documents with all the feature sets, it probably would have taken us 6 months just to get us out of the ground. You probably won’t know, we have thrown away 2-4 months of our work, just because we understood it doesn’t add too much value and it simply bloats BizTalk360. We wanted to solve real business problems faced by customers, we wanted to be as close as possible to reality. We wanted to make BizTalk360 a nice little solution, that addresses a niche problem for the Microsoft? BizTalk Server customers.