BizTalk360 – We are hiring – Looking for 2 outgoing BizTalk developers in India

Published on : Jan 26, 2012

Category : General



Last month we setup our India development/support centre based in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The main aim of the team in India is to focus primarily on testing and supporting BizTalk360. Now we wanted to expand that operation with future development/R&D work for BizTalk360. We are looking for 2 experienced BizTalk developers in India to join our team. About the job: As with all jobs at a small startup, the basic criteria is you must be prepared to do variety of things. We promise you’ll learn lot of things, which you typically don’t learn in big corporate environments. We need help in three areas (at least at this stage) 1. Maintain, support and improve BizTalk360: BizTalk360 is used by customers world wide covering wide geographic area, so we are looking for someone who are happy to talk to customers, understand their problems and willing to help them. 2. Work on future R&D of BizTalk360: From time to time we either get ideas from our existing customers, community or our own ideas in the pipeline. You must be capable of converting those ideas into nice little modules within BizTalk360. 3. Automate the regression testing tasks: We wanted to fully automate and enhance our regressing testing capability. At the moment we got some automated and some manually, it basically delays the release cycle. About you: This is a job for multi-talented person: You need to be a BizTalk expert, a tech support, a developer, a tester, a document writer and sometimes sales/marketing guy all at once.
  • You must have worked minimum 5 years in .NET, C#. 2 years in BizTalk
  • You like to work in a challenging startup rather than a boring corporate world.
  • You have real world experience as a BizTalk developer
  • You know what most of these terms mean: WCF, Adapter, Pipeline, Schema, Orchestration, BAM, Tracking, Team foundation server, MSBuild, Unit testing, Host, Host instance, SSL?.you get the idea
  • If you are familiar with front-end technologies like, Silverlight, HTML5 it’s a bonus
  • You stand out among your peers for your communication skills. Past experiences speaking in public, writing blogs/articles, doing direct customer support are a BIG plus
  • You are looking for a job that will let you use ALL of your talents and develop new ones
  • You are self motivated and set you own schedule. Basically you don’t need a manager to tell what you need to do.
  • You have an unquenchable thirst for learning
  • You are not scared by this list: you know that you can rise to the occasion and fill the gaps if given the chance and time
  • You are willing to work in Coimbatore.
What we can do for you: For the right candidate we are prepared to pay above average market rates. We are also working on a profit sharing program for the employees. We guarantee you to give a environment where you can learn and grow. You also will get a chance to work with some of the industry leaders in BizTalk. We promise to train and groom you. IMPORTANT: if you’ve read so far and are thinking: this isn’t for me, please think for a moment about someone else you know who’d be perfect for this job and pass them this link! Even if you’re not totally sure, we’d be super-grateful if you could send out an email or two. How to apply: Simply send us your CV to with subject: CV: Your Name and a small note saying why we should hire you?