BizTalk360 Version 6.0 is released

Published on : Mar 8, 2013

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Last week we highlighted some of the new features that’s been added to our new 6.0 release. You can read about the complete set of features in this blog article What’s new in BizTalk360 v6.0. We are extremely delighted to announce the immediate availability of v6.0, you can download and try it on your own environment.

Download 6.0

As always we support in-place upgrade from previous versions, so if you have an existing installation, simply run the new MSI on top of the existing one and it will automatically upgrade you to the new version.

Major features in this release

  • Search and Action on Artifacts (Receive locations, send ports, applications etc)
  • ESB Exception management portal
  • Custom SQL query complete rewrite
  • Database Query Monitoring
  • SQL Job Outcome monitoring
  • Threshold monitoring window
  • Scheduled monitoring downtime
  • Support for SSL

Search and action on BizTalk artifacts

Search and action on BizTalk artifacts is one major piece of functionality we added in this release. This allows you to search on design time artifacts like applications, send ports, receive locations etc. with wild card search and rich query filters. Example: you can search for all the orchestrations that contains “esb” in the name, status is “started” and running inside a particular host. Search and Action on BizTalk Artifacts Couple of days ago we blogged in detail about this feature. You can read more about it here “Search and Action on BizTalk Artifacts“. Over the next few weeks, we will blog and release videos explaining all the core features that’s been added to v6.0

Event: BizTalk360 at Oporto, Portugal

Next week (14th March) we are presenting “Management and Monitoring of BizTalk Server using BizTalk360” at BizTalk Innovation Day, Oporto, Portugal. If you are coming, you’ll get the chance to see some of the new 6.0 features demonstrated.

Video from BizTalk Summit 2013, London

Couple of months ago we presented in BizTalk Summit 2013, London where we demonstrated some of v6.0 features in BETA stage. You can watch the video here

Updated BizTalk360 Forum

You can now raise your questions, share ideas, praise our work and report a problem in our updated forum Looking forward for your feedback, we have even bigger plans for the features versions of BizTalk360.