BizTalk360 – Version 3.1 public beta available for download

Published on : Dec 1, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We are very pleased and excited to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk360 version 3.1 public BETA Button.Download We concentrate on few big things for this release. The key functionalities in this version include 1. Tracking Data and Graphical Message Flow viewer One of the big areas we invested in this version is on the tracking data side of things. Now you got the ability to query tracked service instances and message events. And one of the most anticipated functionality in this release is the graphical message flow viewer (GMFV) as shown below.  GMFV allow you to see the end to end message flow in a visual way, the icons represent various things like pipelines, orchestrations, messages received, transmitted internally, transmitted externally etc.  We discussed in detail about this functionality in our blog just before the private beta, you can read the detailed article here Graphical Message Flow Viewer. SNAGHTML4007d48d 2. SMS/Text Alert Capabilities In addition to the email notification capability we now support sending text messages for notification. We wanted to keep things as simple as possible, so to stick with that principle we built our own SMS gateway on top of third party providers (running on Windows/SQL azure with high availability) and made the configuration as simple as this. SNAGHTML4004e35c BizTalk360 installation comes with preconfigured settings, after installation of BizTalk360 you should be able to setup sms/text alerts straight away. 3. Alert (email/SMS) History Based on the popular request from our customers, we have the added the functionality to view the history of alerts that’s been transmitted in the system. The screen will also highlight any issues it encountered on the background process while sending the notification. SNAGHTML4003d661 4. MSI Upgrade preparation Until now we didn’t have a smooth upgrade story, so we tackled that limitation in this version. There are huge amount of preparation work required in the previous version of the MSI, if you need to support upgrade. So, we added all those necessary things in this version, any future updates should be smooth and straight. 5. Bug Fixes We fixed all the outstanding bugs raised by our customers/trial users, especially we have done lot of work on the date/time localization area. In the previous version we didn’t concentrate enough on the local cultural formatting. The date/time was always displayed in English (UK) format.  This is now been fixed as shown in the below example: values displayed for UK and Swedish culture. imageimage Thanks to Mikael Sand for helping us identify and resolve this issue in various places. Special thanks for all the private beta testers, who gave us valuable input throughout the process. Nandri! Saravana Kumar Join us on @biztalk360 | |