BizTalk360 v4.0 BETA available for download – Custom SQL Queries

Published on : May 3, 2012

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We are very pleased and excited (as always) to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk360 version 4.0 beta. You can download it from here The core focus for 4.0 is enhancing the monitoring capabilities of BizTalk360 to infrastructure related things. As a bonus we also included the ability to maintain/execute custom SQL queries within BizTalk360. In this article, we will see the capabilities of Custom SQL Queries and in the next post I’ll cover the monitoring enhancements

Custom SQL Queries

When you are actively managing a BizTalk environment, the BizTalk admin and support people typically maintain a bunch of custom SQL queries as their armour to check the health of the system. You can see some of the good resources here for useful BizTalk SQL Queries biztalkadmin, biztalkadminsbloggingtechnet. At the moment there is no easy way to maintain those queries, and you always need to access SQL management studio to execute them, and more than that you need to provide permission for users to execute those queries across various SQL instances and databases. We wanted to make this task easy for BizTalk admins and support people using BizTalk360. We added a new link to our data section called “Custom SQL Queries” in our navigation tree, as shown in the below picture. BizTalk Custom SQL Queries - Navigation Once the user click on the link, “Custom SQL Queries – Report” screen will be displayed. The screen contains a combo box with list of pre-defined SQL queries as shown below. The user (BizTalk360 admin user) will have the ability to add new SQL query, or modify/delete existing queries. Custom SQL Queries - Report The user simply select the query from the combo box and the result will be displayed in the grid below. Example: In the below screen user selected the query “Sendports NOT Started“, which brings all the send ports in the environment that are not in started state, as shown below. Custom SQL Queries Report

Custom SQL Query management

BizTalk360 comes with set of inbuilt SQL queries, we are planning to add more queries to the default install over the future releases. BizTalk360 comes with complete query management capabilities. As shown in the below window, BizTalk360 administrators can add new query, modify/delete existing query, using this simple screen. Custom SQL Queries Management

Benefits of Custom SQL query functionality

There are few great advantages of this functionality. 1. User can execute the query from single management tool. No necessity for SQL server management studio 2. Central Query repository, that makes maintaining queries easier. No more SharePoint or Wiki 3. The end users (support people) don’t need to have access to SQL. The queries will be executed in the context of service account, so only the service account requires access. 4. You can include queries against any SQL instance/Database. As long as the service account got access to them. In the next article we’ll cover the big functionality of BizTalk360 v4.0, extended infrastructure monitoring capabilities. Nandri! Saravana Kumar Founder – BizTalk360