BizTalk360 v2.5 – One big Release

Published on : Oct 6, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of BizTalk 360 version 2.5. This is our biggest release since we released BizTalk360. Here are the top 6 highlights

1. Role based Security

1One of the top requested feature, BizTalk360 now supports role based security in addition to existing user based security. Control “who can access what” using your NT groups.  

2. Knowledge base Repository

3Why do people always need to search Google/Bing to solve the problems. Build your organisations knowledge base repository seamlessly with BizTalk360. Problems once fixed should be fixed for ever.  

3. Message Box Viewer Integration

1We all know how invaluable Message Box Viewer tool is!! We love it. So we integrated it deeply with BizTalk360. You can schedule when you want to run it in each environment, the reports will be nicely formatted and available in the UI, and you can set the alert if MBV detects some serious problems

4. Message Details (Context/Content)

3In addition to service instance details, now you can see the referenced message details along with all the the context properties and message content. Importantly! you can control who can see the message with our fine grained authorization module.    

5. Alert/Notification Enhancements

2There is a big push in this area. Alert/Notification capabilities are enhanced to include:    
  1. Send regular positive alerts and threshold violation errors.
  2. Wait for set period before sending error alerts
  3. Control the number of alerts to receive
  4. UP alert will be send once the environment issues are fixed
  5. Threshold based on number of suspended instances per application
  6. Threshold based on Message Box Viewer critical/Non-critical errors

6. BizTalk360 Health – To-do list

SNAGHTML7086979cWhenever you install something like BizTalk360 you normally steer at the screen asking yourself what’s next!!. Not with v2.5, it tells you exactly what you need to do (ex: configure SMTP, MBV, alarm etc.) to get maximum benefit.    
There are lot more to this release, see the release notice for complete set of enhancements and fixes. Read for yourself what our customer are saying. For a personal demo please contact us via We wanted to make BizTalk360 a no brainier purchase, it should do more than what you have paid for. Nandri! Saravana Kumar, Founder, CTO – BizTalk 360 MVP – Microsoft BizTalk Server since 2007 @biztalk360 |  |