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BizTalk360 Support Process – Part 2

Published on : May 3, 2017

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In my previous blog, I have explained about the BizTalk360 support process and the different steps we have taken to resolve the ticket raised by the customer. It includes sending emails, getting into calls with the customer with screen sharing sessions, internal tracking of the tickets in case of a bug and escalating to the next level senior technical members. In this blog, I will explain about the responsibilities of the support engineers, different levels of Support and how we are working hard to extend the support journey to the next level by making it happen 24 x 7. Let’s get the real picture of support. Here we go!!!

The BizTalk360 Support team:

We have two teams working in support, one from India office and the other from UK office. This way we make sure that the customer tickets are taken care, irrespective of time and time zone. We receive support tickets through many channels.
  • Directly from BizTalk360 application. We have the question mark icon on the top right corner of the application UI. In case of any issues, the customer can directly create support tickets by clicking on that link.
biztalk360 support process
  • Through feedback forums. The customers can post their valuable suggestions and feedback in that forum. Also, for any enhancements, which are required from customer end, we do have an option of posting enhancements/ feature requests in our user-voice portal where we collect all requirements in a single place and we pick the popular features to be implemented based on the voting done by various customers.
  • The sales and marketing teams also get queries and issues that the customer raise through a mailing to them. They can also create support tickets and assign to us.
  • Finally, we get the support tickets directly through our support channel.
When a customer finds an issue with BizTalk360, they can either send an email to or log in to the Support portal and create the ticket. Our support engineers will get an email notification for the same. The support assist portal gives a clear picture of the number of tickets raised and which agent is working on which ticket. So, once an email notification is received by the agent, they go to the portal and check the ticket.

Escalation Levels:

product support escalations There are three levels of the support team at BizTalk360. The ticket once raised gets assigned to a level 1 (L1) support engineer. They do the first level of analysis and respond to the customer if the resolution is available. BizTalk360 Support Portal consists of more than 500 articles explaining about the functionality of each module. We also forward articles to customers, if they are relevant to the issue. The conversations move between the support engineer and the customer till the issue is resolved and the ticket is closed after customer’s confirmation. We will segregate the ticket as clarification, bug and feature request.

What if the case is clarification?

If the customer has raised a ticket asking for some clarification regarding the functionality of a feature, or some issues in loading the application, we ask for the setup details from the customer, like the environment configuration. There may be back and forth communication happening with the details. Our support portal consists of numerous articles with detailed steps for resolving certain issues and details about the functionality of each module. Hence we also point to the relevant assist document that may resolve the issue reported.

What if the case raised is a bug?

We test the cases raised and if we can reproduce them, then they are considered as bugs which need to be fixed in the releases, based on the severity and priority. We have an internal tracking system to take care of the bugs with the defined workflow. You might have already guessed it: Yes, it’s JIRA! Some cases may be issues, but not reproducible. In that scenario, we ask for the web meeting with the customer and check it at their environment with the screen sharing session. After the first step analysis of the L1 team, what if they are not able to find the cause of the issue? Here comes the L2 team for support!!!! We would escalate the issue to the L2 team which consists of the technical team. They would analyze the case and provide their inputs as a reply to the ticket. From the start of the ticket raised, till it’s getting closed, is taken care by the L1 team. We send the meeting invite on behalf of the L2 team in case a call is required with the customer.  From the ticket raised till it’s getting closed, it’s the responsibility of the L1 support engineer to see if the ticket is properly followed up and getting closed. This prevents that the customer gets confused as otherwise, they would have to deal with different support agents.

What if the case raised is a feature request?

Most of the customers give their valuable suggestions and feedback regarding the features in BizTalk360. They may also request for additional features to be included. The ideas are collected and posted in the feedback portal and later taken into development based on the priority of voting by the customers.

Handover process:

biztalk360 support process As mentioned earlier, we have two support teams working in different time zones. To keep track of the tickets and to see that they are responded in time, we have a handover process maintained in our support. We send the handover mail from one to another at the end of the day. The mail will contain the details of the ticket number, the agent working on, the status of the ticket and the instructions to be followed during the follow-up. So, the agent following the ticket will take necessary action based on the comments. Since about half a year we started using Microsoft Teams as an alternative to Skype and Outlook. This creates a clear visibility to all the team members about the tasks we do and the tickets worked upon. The handover process is also continued in the Teams. During the end of the day, each team will be sending the details of the follow-up tickets. microsoft teams for internal communication We do conduct catch up meetings twice a day to discuss the tickets that require technical assistance. This is also posted in Teams. This way we make sure that the tickets are responded with the relevant details and properly tracked.


We are aiming to extend the support to make it 24/7 so that the tickets raised by all our customers over the globe are tracked and responded appropriately. This way we can achieve 100% customer satisfaction and contribute to the growth of the company.