BizTalk360 – Recommendation from Jan Eliasen

Published on : Sep 29, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Last week on 21st September we had the privilege to present the capabilities of BizTalk360 to an enthusiastic audience in Copenhagen, Denmark (You can view the pictures here on our facebook fan page). We fully understand for any technical user group meetings you are not going to get decision makers who will put the money down and buy the product, it will normally be truly technical chaps, who are prepared to spend some of their spare time either to present or come and learn some new stuff. We don’t treat these presentations as marketing pitch, instead we use this opportunity to spread the word and more importantly get some real feedback from people who are on the field. It proved really valuable for us, and we can see the proof in the evolution of BizTalk360. Jan Eliasen doesn’t require any introduction in the BizTalk world, he is a long time BizTalk Server MVP, he is great blogger all things BizTalk, along with few energetic chaps he runs the BizTalk user group in Denmark, he is the first one to write any BizTalk exams that comes out, and more importantly he is the author of the newly released book “Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed” You can read Jan’s article about BizTalk360 here We are super excited to see such a positive feedback from a great influencer in the community. Nandri Saravana Kumar Social: Join us on @biztalk360 | |