BizTalk360 Live Webcast – Current State and what’s coming in vNext

Published on : Apr 10, 2012

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We released version 3.2 of BizTalk360 on 7th of February with bunch of interesting features. Straight after that we merged ourselves on the our 4.0 version which is due to be released end of May. Live Web Cast : 18th April 2012. Details and registration can be found here. The main focus for 4.0 version is to expand BizTalk360 existing monitoring capabilities to other core infrastructure related areas like disk space, NT services running state, SQL jobs running state, system resources like CPU, Memory, Event Log patterns etc. The other important thing we included in 4.0 is a plug-in architecture, monitoring sections can be written in isolation and can be plugged-in into BizTalk360 core monitoring system. These is super useful for customer who got very specific monitoring requirements. Example: One of customers want to do some sequence of steps, 1. Get a value of the element in the config file using xpath, 2. Check the database for some relevant value based on the previous config file value. 3. Alert if the database value is not expected value. In the past BizTalk customers always got some custom in-house solution to do these kind of things. But now you can easily create such custom monitoring in BizTalk360 and make it part of your overall monitoring solution. Why not SCOM Monitoring? There is no question an enterprise monitoring solution like System Center operation manager(SCOM), HPOpenview or something equivalent can do these kind of jobs, but there are some real practical challenges. 1. They are complex products in themselves, and requires considerable knowledge to set it up 2. They are general purpose monitoring products and they look heavy and complicated for some of the basic scenarios 3. It’s often time consuming to setup SCOM or HPOpenview in an organisation, which could range from weeks to months. With BizTalk360 our focus is to to concentrate only on Microsoft BizTalk Server related areas. We try to keep it as simple as possible. Our focus is to setup BizTalk environment monitoring in few minutes or hours, NOT days, weeks or months. Come and join our BizTalk360 Live Webcast on 18th April 2012, and check for yourself what we have to offer. We are doing two session on the same day to cover east and west time zones. The details of the event and registration can be done here.