BizTalk360 – Knowledge base repository

Published on : Oct 13, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



One of the major enhancements we introduced in BizTalk360 2.5 release is Knowledge base repository capabilities. The basic idea behind this is, you keep accumulating KB articles as and when you fix issues in the environment. Over a period you should have wealth of information readily available within the tool (BizTalk360) you are using to support the environment. This will greatly reduce the time it will take to fix the repeating problems. Some of the repeating problems in the environment are inevitable, examples include:
  • Environment configuration,
  • Data issue (junk characters, encoding issues etc)
BizTalk360 KB repository makes it seamless. It comes with following features
  • Attach KB article to suspended instances error codes
  • Attach KB article to eventId
  • Centrally manage all the KB articles
  • Assign permission, who can edit the article
You can read the complete document here Understand Knowledge Base Repository. We also produced couple of videos to show you how the whole thing works. Knowledgebase Repository – Introduction ( 3 minutes) Knowledgebase – Central management and user permission (2 minutes) | @biztalk360 |  |