BizTalk360 Database Growth – how to control it

Published on : Dec 12, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Some of our customers reported, the size of the BizTalk360 database grows steadily in a complex environment. The main reason for this is due to the collection of event viewer data for our advanced event viewer module. In the current release, we don’t have any filter and we collect all the data from various logs. This just adds up very quickly. Few options to resolve the issue 1. Set the data purging policy to low value Go to Settings>BizTalk360 Health>Data Purging, and se the Event Log Data value to something very low like 1 day. image image 2. Disable just the EventLog collection sub-service If the above options didn’t solve your problem, you can disable just the eventlog collection sub-service. BizTalk360 is designed in a way to turn on/off each sub-service. You don’t need to stop the whole monitoring service. Please follow the steps to stop the eventlog service 1. Check the records in the b360_ev_EventLogData table, it must be large number like million records 2. If that’s the case, truncate the table completely. using the script TRUNCATE TABLE  b360_ev_EventLogData 3. Issue the following script, so event log data collection sub-service will be stopped. UPDATE dbo.b360_mon_Service SET IsPaused = ‘true’ WHERE InfotrackServiceType = ‘EventLogActivity’ As part of our January release, we will be issuing a permanent fix for this issue.  Apologies for the inconvenience.