BizTalk360 Compatibility with BizTalk Server 2020

Published on : Apr 2, 2020

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Already there is a lot of buzz happening around the new release of the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2020 version. It is the most expected version by the integration of community members. This new version consists of many exciting new features and enhancements to ease the life of different business users.

We continue our efforts to deliver uninterrupted services to all our customers across the globe, even during this pandemic crisis. That’s why BizTalk360 is pleased to announce the compatibility of its latest version with BizTalk Server 2020.

As a practice, we aim to bring you long-term focused features which add significant value to our existing and new customers by identifying all sort of obstacles they are facing while supporting/operating their BizTalk environment.

I wanted this blog to cover all the new bringings in the product related to BizTalk Server 2020. Alright then! Here, we will have a look at all the features you will get with the new BizTalk360 version, aligned with BizTalk Server 2020:

  1. Installer Support
  2. New BizTalk Group properties
    1. Receive Location (Fault Tolerance)
    2. Audit Log Operation
    3. Analytics
  3. Receive Location Advanced scheduling operation

Installer Support

We started the implementation from the installer and wanted to eliminate the restriction of this new BizTalk Server version in the installer. The first thing you will want to do is download the latest version of the BizTalk360 MSI. You can get it from the BizTalk360 Free trial page or in the application itself – either is fine, but from the application is easier, as it shows the New version availability notification in the top right bar.


Once you have got the MSI, the installation is a very simple process as BizTalk360 offers ready-to-go installation. As the instructions are very clear and precisely shown in the installer, wizards make your life easier to progress the installation without referring to any other articles. Perhaps, if you are running into any error, you can always refer to the installation documentation. Refer to the below screenshot where we have included the check for new BizTalk Server versions.

The customers who are using older versions, on the other hand, need not worry at all. All the older versions are still compatible with the BizTalk360 even after the latest update.


New BizTalk Group Properties

In the new BizTalk Server 2020 version, a few properties have been implemented in the BizTalk group level. These are:

  1. Receive Locations
    1. Enable fault tolerance
    2. Retry Interval
  2. Tracking and Reporting
    1. Audit Management operations
    2. Maximum number of audit entries

Receive Location Fault Tolerance

Until previous versions, if any error occurs (be it transient) the receive locations will be disabled and effect further message transactions.

This new configuration prevents the receive location from getting disabled on errors.

BizTalk attempts to recover the receive location in an interval you set. The receive location continues running in the other host instances.

Audit Log

Every business transparency is important at a certain level. Perhaps, someone who does anything wrong will lead to a huge impact on business. To bring transparency in BizTalk Server, they have introduced Auditing capabilities. The new properties enable the admins to track all the activities performed by different users and the maximum number of audit entries the user wants to capture. Once the configurations are in place, BizTalk will start to poll the audit data into the audit table in the BizTalk Management database.

To know more about BizTalk Server 2020 auditing capability, refer to this article.

For easy reference, all above mentioned new properties have been added in BizTalk360 in the Group Properties screen as shown below.


Advanced Scheduling Options for the Receive Locations

Now with BizTalk Server 2020, the new advanced scheduling comprises all the options which administrators wanted for scheduling. Based on the configuration, the recurrence option will be displayed in the receive location property screen as shown in the screenshot.

New Options

  1. The preferred time zone can be set based on the business scenario
  2. Automatically adjustment for Daylight Saving Time
  3. Recurrence options like daily, weekly, and monthly



In a nutshell, BizTalk360 is compatible with the new version of BizTalk Server. Our next v9.1 will be released within this week with interesting new features. Why not give BizTalk360 a try! It takes only 10 minutes to install on your BizTalk environments and you can witness and check the security and productivity of your own BizTalk Environments.