BizTalk360 at BizTalk user group meeting – Stockholm, Sweden

Published on : Jun 14, 2011

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We are extremely delighted by the amount of help and support we received so far from the great Microsoft BizTalk MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) community. It simply exceeded all our expectations and made us speechless. Special thanks to Mikael Hakansson, Johan Hedberg, Steef-Jan Wiggers, Mikael Sand, Richard Seroter, Kent Weare, and our close friend in UK Michael Stephenson When Mikael Hakansson and Johan Hedberg mentioned about the upcoming Swedish BizTalk user group meeting “Top 10 Things to Know When Integrating with Line of Business Systems” by Richard Seroter and Kent Weare related to their upcoming imagebook “Microsoft BizTalk 2010 Line of Business Systems Integration“, we took the opportunity to visit Sweden and try to create some awareness about BizTalk360 among the Swedish BizTalk community. Integration space is a constantly changing landscape. However experienced you are, you are constantly challenged with new scenarios, patterns, systems, etc. In this book they tried to address some of the common challenges customers face when Integrating to line of business systems like Dynamic CRM/AX,, SAP, Windows Azure, SharePoint etc. The presentation was extremely good, I personally picked up lot of tips related to Azure ServiceBus. One of the things we are working on for our next phase of BizTalk360 is the integration with Azure Service bus to connect BizTalk360 remotely to the on-premise Microsoft BizTalk infrastructure via the cloud (ServiceBus) reliably, securely and with less overhead on infrastructure. From that point of view, it was such a great event for us to pick up some valuable tips.  IMG_2362 The event was filmed, and it will show up in channel9 at some point. I recommend everyone to involved in this space to take a look. I’m also delighted to announce, I’ll be speaking in the next Sweden user group meeting in August/September. We are discussing the topics with Mikael and Johan. image We were also surprised to see the big Microsoft Windows Azure hot air balloon, which apparently is one of the biggest hot air balloons in Sweden with the capacity of 22 people. Thanks everyone for stopping by our stand and viewing the demo of BizTalk360. If you got any further questions please feel free to contact us via any of your preferred contact options listed here We are looking forward to see you all again in August/September.       _MG_2346IMG_2370 IMG_2359IMG_2378 _MG_2351IMG_2366 Social: twitter: @biztalk360 facebook: support: Nandri Saravana Kumar