BizTalk360 – 3 great features added to the upcoming 3.1 version

Published on : Jan 24, 2012

Category : BizTalk360 Update



We released version 3.1 beta on 1st of December 2011. Two of the main functionalities we introduced in the beta were in addition to the various minor improvements and bug fixes.  Since then we been focusing on 3 super cool features silently. As always we are super excited to show the world what they are.
  • Throttling analyser
  • Tracking manager
  • Enhanced Advanced event viewer
Note: RTM version number will be 3.2. Estimated release date 31st of January Throttling analyser: Throttling is one of the cool at the same time complicated technical bit in BizTalk Server. Majority of the time, people struggle to understand what throttling is and how it’s working. You really need to have a deep technical understanding of BizTalk internals to understand throttling. Even experienced BizTalk people struggle to constantly keep up with the values of throttling state on top of their head (ex: 4-process memory, 5- system memory, 10 – user override etc.). BizTalk360 throttling analyser helps to resolve this issue by giving visual representation of the throttling condition in a near real time basis. We’ll shortly be releasing a demo video, stay tuned to see the full capabilities. image Tracking Manager One of important aspect of a middleware platform like BizTalk server is it’s ability to track information flowing through the system. Tracking comes with a performance cost and it’s important you choose your tracking strategy correctly. In some instances we have seen customers switching off tracking completely at environment level for performance. BizTalk360 tracking manager gives you a visual representation of your tracking configuration at application level as shown below. This helps administrators to visualize the tracking configuration easily. image Advanced Event Viewer (AEV) BizTalk360 AEV collects all the event log information in the BizTalk environment and persist in the BizTalk360 SQL database (zero configuration required). This give the ability for the user to query it from a central console. AEV was in BizTalk360 from day1, based on various customer feedbacks we enhanced it completely in the upcoming release. In previous version, AEV monitoring service blindly collected all the event log information, which resulted in lot of unnecessary data and unusual database growth issue.  In the new release, super user can configure which logs and event sources to collect. This increases performance, at the same time security. You can eliminate certain confidential event not displayed to your support staff. image If you are interested to get your hands on, please drop us an email at | @biztalk360 |  |