BizTalk Server and BizTalk360 at TechEd, Europe 2013

Published on : Jun 27, 2013

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This week we are present at TechEd, Europe which is happening in the sunny city of Madrid, Spain. We had the opportunity to co-present in two sessions. The sessions were primarily focused on Microsoft BizTalk Server, during the session we also presented BizTalk360 showcasing how partner eco-system is adding value to the already powerful BizTalk Server platform.

Introduction to

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  In the first half of the presentation Guru Venkataraman (Senior Program Manager – BizTalk Server) explained some of the integration needs, type of customers and industries adapted BizTalk server, some of new integration capabilities like cloud enablement , improved performance (20x performance improvement when using Maps due to XSLTCompiledTransform, and great performance improvement in MLLP adapter scenarios), etc. In the later part of the session, we co-presented 3 demos
  • ReST adapter scenario:  Exposing business process (orchestration) which interact with the enterprise LOB system as ReST end point and consuming it from  Windows 8 application. In the second part of the same demo we showcased how BizTalk can also consume various ReST end points seamlessly.
  • Service Bus Scenario: Store and Forward pattern, where bunch of hardware suppliers sending messages through Service bus Queues/Topics and BizTalk starts processing after business hours taking advantage of BizTalk Receive Location Service window along with SB-Messaging adapter
  • SharePoint Online Integration: Demonstrated how easy it is to use either local enterprise SharePoint or SharePoint online (Office365) using the new SharePoint adapter.
Finally we presented about BizTalk360 and how it adds value to the existing BizTalk platform by enhancing day-to-day Operations, Administrations and Monitoring.

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS

WP_20130626_017   In the second session Stephen W Thomas, Microsoft Integration MVP presented various new possibilities for running BizTalk Server 2013 in Windows Azure IaaS. He demonstrated various scenarios, creating a complete Multi Server BizTalk environment by using PowerShell scripts. There were lot of various tips and tricks during the session when you are using Azure Virtual Machines. He also demonstrated an interesting demo, where he used the Azure REST API interfaces, created a BizTalk Orchestration and used the new REST adapter and provisioned a brand new BizTalk Server VM in the cloud. This present various interesting scenarios like, you can have internal process in your organisation to automatically provisions virtual machines in the cloud, example when a new BizTalk developer is hired. In the second part of the demo, we demonstrated our new BizTalk360 EasyInstaller live demo. Provisioned a new BizTalk Server virtual machine through Azure management portal, kicked off BizTalk360 EasyInstaller PowerShell script and showcased everything working in few minutes.  BizTalk360 addresses some of the key scenarios when you are using BizTalk Server in IaaS. Example: You do not need to provide RDP access to your developers/testers to access the servers running in the cloud. BizTalk360 provides full web access and comes with higher level of security abstraction. You can also take full advantage of various capabilities BizTalk360 brings to BizTalk server environment in the cloud now.