BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook

Published on : Mar 26, 2012

Category : BizTalk Server



imageI love this concept of cookbooks; they follow the same concept as your kitchen cookbook, bunch of recipes to prepare a fancy meal. You are never going to sit and read all the recipes in one night, you are going to keep the book as reference and follow the recipe you fancy. Technical cookbook got similar characteristics. There are various recipes, you pick the one that’s more relevant to the piece of work you are doing. Short, Sweet and up to the point. This new cookbook from Steef-Jan Wiggers consist of over 50+ BizTalk recipes, covering various proven design patterns, best practices, or simply showing you some tips and tricks you never come across. I personally know Steef-Jan very well and know about this book project for a long time. In fact I was chosen as one of the technical reviewers for the book, but had to pull out due to my commitments with BizTalk360. Writing a book is not a easy task, most of these guys don’t do it for making money. It’s their passion and interest in technology that drives them to write such valuable books sacrificing  a great deal on their personal life. With the effort that’s gone into this book by Steef-Jan over the last year or so, I’m fairly confident it’s worth every penny.