BizTalk 360 – What’s the feature you want to see in vNext?

Published on : Aug 2, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



It’s exactly 1 month since BizTalk 360 went to production. We were overwhelmed by the response we received for BizTalk 360. Thanks for all of those who helped to spread BizTalk 360, here are some of the tweets we captured in the last few weeks. I’m sure we missed few others. twitter 120-07-2011 02-25-36twitter 220-07-2011 18-26-5327-07-2011 01-15-0519-07-2011 05-40-3008-07-2011 04-33-4007-07-2011 15-18-58 The next big thing for BizTalk 360 is the alerting capabilities, you can watch the preview videos here, we released those videos to get some early feedback, we redesigned and incorporated all the feedbacks. Functionality will be available by mid next week (10th August) as version We haven’t stopped developing BizTalk 360 yet, we know it’s an iterative process. Now our roadmap/future directions is in your hands. We are small company with limited resources, but laser focused on what we are doing. All we wanted to do is deliver a world class/high quality BizTalk support/monitoring tool that addresses some of the gaps/pain points customers are facing. The success of BizTalk 360 will rely on addressing top pain points customers are facing. What’s your pain point? If there is one thing that you want to see in next version of BizTalk 360, what will it be? Please post your views here Nandri! Saravana Kumar Social: Join us on @biztalk360 | |