BizTalk 360 v2.1 released

Published on : Aug 10, 2011

Category : BizTalk360 Update



Last week on 4th of August we announced the availability of BizTalk 360 version 2.1. The core update for this release is the alerting/notification capability. Apart from that there are few key issues resolved like clustered host instances handling and ability to start and stop at application level. Videos Videos seems to be the choice of learning in this modern world. So, we released 6 brand new videos explaining various concepts of Alerting/Notification capabilities. You can Watch the videos here. We kept the videos as short as possible, in the interest of your time (between 1 and 3 mins). BizTalk 360 Live Demo We are also presenting a live demo of BizTalk 360 on 17th August, 3PM GMT. We believe this will give you an opportunity to know all about BizTalk 360 in less than a hour. If you are interested please register here. Nandri Saravana Social: Join us on @biztalk360 | |