Highlights of Azure Service Bus Advisors Q&A – 29 Aug 2016

Published on : Aug 30, 2016

Category : Microsoft Azure



azure service bus advisors Microsoft Azure Service Bus team announced a Service Bus + Event Hubs Community Q&A 1 (8/29) session to discuss on recent changes to the Service Bus infrastructure and to clarify the questions from the community. The session had a good representation from the Azure Service Bus product team. Here are some of my observations from the session.

Azure Service Bus Highlights

1. Recent announcement of Service Bus Namespace split based on entities. Unique Namespaces for Messaging (Queues & Topics), Event Hubs & Relays. 2. Azure Service Bus components to get rich UX capabilities in new portal. 3. Old Namespaces created in classic portal that has all types of entities wouldn’t show EventHubs or Relays in the new portal. They will be considered as Messaging type by default. Only Queues and Topics will be accessible. All entities would be accessible through Classic Portal till they close the support. Though closure of support is not so imminent. 4. New entities to be created through proper namespace types in new portal 5. Azure Event Hubs to be released as a new Service in new Azure Portal. Public Review to be announced soon. 6. Availability of new ARM Providers:
  • Microsoft.ServiceBus
  • Microsoft.EventHub
  • Microsoft.Relay
7. Notification Hubs are moved out of Service Bus Namespaces and Service Bus team wouldn’t support it anymore for new namespaces 8. Product team is working to improve Resource Metrics for Azure Service Bus Entities. To become more real-time and also align with metrics of other Azure resources like Storage etc. UI for metrics to be available in the new portal 9. Plans in line for possibility to create data pipelines with EH as ingest point, into various parts of Azure; Data Factory, Data Lake, functions, etc are in consideration. 10. Message repair and submit a new message (something similar to B2B and EAI scenario) back to queue / topics would be a good one. This would be considered. 11. Possibility of reading messages from subscriptions and queues by Sequence number other than deferred messages. This would be considered. 12. More announcements on Azure Service Bus capabilities, updates to Client libraries etc to be made in the upcoming IGNITE event. It was good to see questions from the community based on their varied experiences in using this platform. The product team has plans to conduct such sessions regularly in the future.