Attending BizTalk User group meeting in Sweden on 13th June.

Published on : Jun 6, 2011

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I’m flying out to Sweden this weekend to attend the Sweden BizTalk User group meeting. This time it’s Richard Seroter and Kent Weare flying from other side of the Atlantic to show us what we should know when integrating with line of business systems. Steef-Jan Wiggers from Netherland is also coming to the event. So, it’s going to be a great catch up with fellow BizTalk Server MVP’s Johan Hedberg, Mikael Sand, Mikael H?kansson, Alan Smith

If you really got any burning questions related to BizTalk, this is the best possible opportunity Smile to clarify it.

Here are the details of the meeting, not sure if there are any availability, but worth trying at


Top 10 Things to Know When Integrating with Line of Business Systems

Monday, June 13th at Microsofts office in Akalla. Session 1 at 18:00 Session 2 at 19:30 to around 20:30. On the side note, if anyone interested to learn more about BizTalk 360, or like to see a live demo. Please let me know either via the blog or one of the contact options at I’ll be there between 11th June to 14th June. So, there is plenty of time to catch up. Regards, Saravana Kumar