A Quick lookback on BizTalk360 Technical Support for 2021

Published on : Dec 28, 2021

Category : BizTalk Server

Naveen Shanmugam


The year 2021 was a fantastic year for BizTalk360 and our BizTalk360 support team. Here, we are looking back the few milestones on the year 2021 and stats for the year 2021 of the BizTalk360 support which had lots of ups and downs.

Before diving into the stats, we would like to thank all our esteemed customers and partners and our BizTalk360 team for their continuous support.

As for the BizTalk360 support, this year 2021 brought us a new learning and new experience. Every support case has a lesson in it, be it the customer scenario, their infrastructure settings, or our way of troubleshooting the case, our responses. We make sure that we improve our support continuously, thereby making our customers happy and working more efficiently. We receive queries through different channels like emails, support portal, feedback widget. We are taking utmost care and efforts to resolve issues to keep and save the day for the customer.

It is time to see some stats of the BizTalk360 support for 2021.

  • Total tickets received – 485
  • Tickets closed – 357
  • Feature request – 25
  • Bug – 26

The main channels for the query through

  • Email
  • Support portal
  • Support feedback widget
  • Ticket count

Also, we schedule support calls with our customers to investigate the issue which helps in better understanding their infrastructure and the scenario to resolve the issues quickly to save the day of the customer.

Customer satisfaction

One of the important aspects in support is the customer feedback and rating on the resolution given by the support engineer. When a ticket is closed, there is a customer survey added to the ticket to get the customer feedback and rating with a questionnaire.

Customer satisfaction

Customers can rate the support by three categories as Awesome, Neutral, and Disappointed. Most of the response, we received were awesome and very few are other ratings.


Here are some of the feedbacks which we had received.

  • Support was quick to resolve the issue.
  • Friendly and helped to solve the problem.
  • Documents are well documented.
  • This is excellent service and appreciate your help.

Along with the resolving of the support tickets, we are also involved in the Customer Relationship calls, Best Practice Installation and Configuration sessions, Quarterly Health Check sessions and even some of the demos to the customers.

The main objective of QHC calls is to make the customers understand and utilise the complete set of features which they have procured in the license and use the BizTalk360 tool to its full potential. In the call, a quick overview the new features released in the latest version will be given along with few suggestions and best practices to improve the monitoring efficiency.

In addition to customers that, customers will be updated on the new versions of BizTalk360, license details, and finally, resolve the issues if any by providing immediate resolution or request them to raise a support ticket.

During these calls, some of our customers would request assistance to perform the upgrade of their production environment to avoid failures and downtime. Before proceeding with the upgrade, it is recommended to have a backup of the BizTalk360 database and the credentials of the service account to have a smooth upgrade.

BP (Best Practice) sessions are scheduled for the new customers to kickstart the BizTalk360 configuration monitoring to start working with the tool and in addition to that overview of the core features like monitoring BizTalk artifacts status and Analytics is provided. Recommendations based on their requirements and pain points like disabling the receive location when a particular host is facing some issue would also be provided.

Major version release

One of the important milestones of BizTalk360 is the major version V10 released after 15 months of challenging hard work done to completely revamp the BizTalk360 UI (User Interface). The feedback received for v10 has been incorporated in the successive releases.

BizTalk360 v10

In the major version, the UI was completely revamped providing a new look and feel and the user experience and performance were also improved by moving to Angular.

In addition to revamp of the UI,  new features, bugs, and the enhancements were also added.

Below are some of the key features  included in V10.0 and V10.1.

  • SQL server availability monitoring
  • Enriched Knowledge base
  • Landing page
  • XSLT support from BRE
  • Azure service bus and topics monitoring

Some important enhancements include improvements on the pin to dashboard option, BizTalk Health Monitor, and much more.

To get more insights about new features, and enhancements of the major version click V10.0 and the latest BizTalk360 version V10.1.

Most of the customers have provided positive feedback on BizTalk360 V10.

  • V10 is easier to navigate, and options are clear.
  • Speed, performance is improved, and UI looks simple and clean.

Usability testing

One of the initiatives taken during this release was getting customer feedback through usability testing which would help us in enhancing the application. Before releasing the major version, we have shared the usability build with customers who were interested to evaluate the version for usability testing. Usability calls were also scheduled with our customers and internal development team to get the user-level experience of the new UI to understand the experience and suggestions of the customer.

We had shared the usability build with the customer who all have different infrastructure and utilizing most of the features with a greater number of artifacts, and the BizTalk servers to their potential

Usability testing

We take this chance to thank our customers who have tested the usability build and shared valuable feedback to improve the BizTalk360 user experience.

If you would like to have your feedback or your requirement as a feature in BizTalk360 or suggestion on the V10 version, kindly add it to our feedback portal or kindly reach out to us via support email. The feedback portal is one place where the customers can provide their suggestions and valuable feedback on the features that they already use and features that they expect in BizTalk360. It is based on this feedback and customer votes; the features are selected for every release.


As you are aware that, Microsoft has released the BizTalk server 2020 and hope most of you all started to migrate your BizTalk server and its solution to BizTalk server 2020.

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In 2022

Of course, the year 2022 is going to be great for the BizTalk360 team without any doubt.

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We would like to request you, our customers, please take some time to fill this questionnaire. This helps us to prioritize the next upcoming feature tasks and will let us know what your main pain points are. In case of any queries, you can always write to support@biztalk360.com, so that we can immediately get your queries answered and resolve the issues.

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Happy monitoring with BizTalk360!