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BizTalk360 Security and Governance

Security & Governance

Want to know who did what and when in your environment? BizTalk360 manages this for you. Manage and Audit all user activities in your environment, in a few simple steps

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BizTalk360 Electronic-Data-Exchange

Electronic Data Exchange

Wouldn’t it be nice no having to log into the BizTalk Admin Console to watch the EDI transactions? With BizTalk360 you don’t need to! For remote access simply log on to the UI and view the status reports.

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BizTalk360 Security and Governance

EDI Reporting Manager / EDI Dashboard

Need more than just monitoring the status of your EDI Transactions? BizTalk360 provides you with Reporting and Dashboard functionality to assist in your reporting needs

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BizTalk360 Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Constantly watching your application to see if a specific number of messages have been received/sent in a time frame? Relax! BizTalk360 Process Monitoring can keep track of this for you.

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