In addition to the core product features covering Operations, Monitoring and Analytics, BizTalk360 comes with some optional extras

Complete REST based API access for your BizTalk environments

BizTalk360 comes with 350+ API’s to support its operations, monitoring and analytics capability. You can have full access to those API’s for consumption from your other internal applications like SharePoint, custom application, build scripts, deployment scripts etc. Imagine, you can get the list of applications or host instances or any data that resides in your BizTalk environment with a simple HTTP GET call. The opportunities are endless.

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Handy Chrome Extension to access different environments

You can get the BizTalk360 Chrome extension directly from Google App store. It is a handy utility that will make the process of accessing multiple BizTalk environments seamless.

Something missing? Take our Custom Development route

At times, we may be missing one or two features that’s a must have for your organisation, or you may need little enhancement in one of our existing features. If it’s a simple fix, we will try to accommodate it as much as possible, since we do periodic releases. If something requires more than a small fix, we can quote you a custom development charge. We guarantee this will be the most cost effective solution compared to custom building something of your own.


Training for your team and Configuration help

If you are a BizTalk person, we are fairly confident you’ll pick up BizTalk360 without any formal training. However, if you need a formal training for your team or any help in installation and configuration of BizTalk360 in your organisation, we can help you with that. Get in touch with us for a formal quote.

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Fully functioning version of BizTalk360; you can test it on your own BizTalk environment(s)

It’s good to have BizTalk360 in BizTalk support from both support as well as security perspective. The tool UI becomes one stop solution for most of the support activities. The “Auto Healing” functionality is working like a charm.
Amit Gupta Marco Muishout, Stolt Nielsen