One Platform for Microsoft BizTalk Server Operations, Monitoring and Analytics

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BizTalk360 makes Microsoft BizTalk Server monitoring and administration incredibly efficient and secure

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BizTalk360 is proud to help over 500+ customers in 30+ countries


BizTalk360 Benefits

BizTalk360 comes with a wide range of features to help you monitor and administer your BizTalk Server Environments

  • Server Monitoring

    Automatic Monitoring and instantaneuos notification about problems on your BizTalk Server Environments

  • Security & Governance

    Control user access and get a complete picture of your BizTalk Server users

  • Data Monitoring

    Detect non-events in your BizTalk Server Environments – For example: A Purchase order not received

  • Automatic Recovery

    BizTalk360 will automatically detect server errors and try to recover from them

  • Health Checks

    Daily Health Check alerts give you the confidence that your BizTalk Server Environments are functioning properly

  • Customised Alerts

    Send notification alerts to a huge range of channels, including email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft SCOM

  • One Platform

    BizTalk360 comes with an advanced web based management that makes it the only tool for BizTalk Administration

  • Advanced Analytics

    View dashboards to visualize subjects such as failure rates, messaging patterns, graphical messaging flow, reports and throttling conditions


Common Microsoft BizTalk Server Challenges

BizTalk360 solves all these problems and many more

No real-time alerting

“My BizTalk Server goes down due to several reasons and I never get to know about it immediately unless I receive a phone call from my colleague or my manager.”

Opaque service configuration and performance

“We have very little visibility into what is happening within our BizTalk Server Environments. We also find it difficult to know how the messages flow within the BizTalk Server.”

Over-reliance on individual team members

“We rely too much on our BizTalk Administrators to manually carry out trivial tasks such as enabling ports, starting orchestrations, enlisting send ports, and so on.”

Lack of audit trails

“There is absolutly no clue as to who made the changes as nothing is audited in the environment. Our support people got administrative rights on BizTalk and SQL Servers.”

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