“Your folder can’t be shared” – Windows 7

Published on : Jun 5, 2011

Category : General



Today I was trying to share a folder in Windows 7 in the home group and I was constantly greeted by an error message “Your folder can’t be shared”. There are no other message or description about the exact reason why its happening. I just ran the troubleshoot problems wizard (on the task bar, right click on the network icon, and click “Troubleshoot problem”), after some diagnosis the wizard gave me the warning the PC is connected to multiple networks, and it gave me the choice to open Network sharing center. There were 3 active networks listed, I clicked on the “Local Area Connection 2”, which brought the “Local Area Connection Status” window, and clicked on the button “Disable”. I followed the same steps for “Local Area Connection 3”. Once this is sorted, now the folder sharing works like a breeze. Nandri Saravana