Windows 7 – error while trying to activate windows and Windows Update

Published on : Mar 8, 2009

Category : General



Today I took the plunge and installed Windows 7 beta on my main laptop (its a MacBook by the way). Previously it was running windows Vista 32 bit via boot camp. The upgrade was very smooth without any manual intervention. After starting the install selecting the country and keyboard layout there was no human intervention. After the installation, there were few alerts telling McAfee is not compatible with Windows 7 and there are some known issues. Apart from that everything seems fine. I tried to activate windows first, it didn’t work. It resulted with the error code “Error 0x80072EE2”,  I tried running windows update that didn’t work either (resulted in similar error but with different error code). But it gave me some clue, saying the connection is timing out. I couldn’t find any useful articles on the web for the issue, simply turning off the McAfee personal firewall did the trick. There is currently a beta program going on for McAfee, I just installed it there are couple of issues. Virus Scanning is not working properly in McAfee security suite. I enabled windows firewall and defender for time being. Update: Reinstalling McAfee security centre beta from the web site fixed the issue. Now McAfee Security Centre beta is up and running without any issues. The first impression of Windows 7 is great, as few people mentioned this is how Vista should have looked couple of years ago.