BizTalk360 Host Throttling Monitoring

Why did we build BizTalk Host Throttling Monitoring?

Published on : Jan 19, 2018

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BizTalk360 Host Throttling Monitoring This blog is a part of the series of blog articles we are publishing on the topic “Why we built XYZ feature in BizTalk360”. Read the main article here.
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Why do we need this feature?

BizTalk Server being a Middleware product connected to various legacy backend systems, it needs to make sure the entire ecosystem can work in an optimal way. If one of the legacy system connected to BizTalk is slow for any reason, then BizTalk Server needs to act sensibly and not to overload that system with messages more than what it can handle. In such scenarios, BizTalk Server will throttle itself (slow down itself) and make sure the messages are delivered to the backend in an optimal rate. BizTalk Server achieves this capability by continuously monitoring various performance counters (memory footprint, thread count, message publishing rates, database size etc.) and self tuning itself. There are over 50 performance counters related to throttling in BizTalk Server which monitors both inbound and outbound traffic. So it’s important to understand whether your BizTalk Environment is working correctly or under throttling condition.

What are the current challenges?

BizTalk Expert Required: If you wanted to analyse and detect a throttling condition in your BizTalk Environment, an experienced BizTalk person is required. There are no out of the box tooling from Microsoft to understand throttling conditions. The person should configure all the required Perfmon counters, collect data, analyse it and predict any throttling condition. Time Consuming: Even if you have an experience person, setting up Perfmon counters, data collection and analysis is time consuming process. In our experience, it takes anywhere from a day to a week to fine tune Throttling in BizTalk Environment. No Monitoring: There are no out of the box monitoring solution for BizTalk Throttling conditions.

How BizTalk360 Solves the problem?

BizTalk360 addresses this problem by introducing two important features called BizTalk360 Throttling Analyser and BizTalk Host Throttling Monitor. Throttling Analyser periodically collects all the required Performance Counters relevant to throttling and stores the values in a SQL database, so there is no necessity for setting up Perfmon as and when required. Once the data is collected, it presents the status in a very interactive graphical dashboard. The BizTalk Administrators can easily visualize the throttling condition and take appropriate action. The throttling data is kept for last 7 days, so you can login to BizTalk360 anytime and see historic throttling condition as well. BizTalk360 Throttling Analyser Throttling Monitoring is the new addition to the product where the Administrator can enable BizTalk Host Monitoring in almost a single click or fine tune it according their requirements. Once configured, BizTalk360 will periodically check for any throttling condition violations and alert appropriate users via various notification channels like Email, SMS, Slack, etc. BizTalk360-Host-Throttling-Monitoring
Download a PDF version of this article.

Interested to try this feature?

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