UK Connected Systems User Group Meeting

Published on : Aug 23, 2011

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This is just a quick reminder to our UK Connected systems user group meeting tonight at

Hitachi Consulting 2 More London Riverside SE12AP London United Kingdom

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (GMT)

There are still 4 tickets left, even if you don’t book please try to turn up, there will always be some last minute cancellations. We are very pleased to invite Sam Vanhoutte (@SamVanhoutte) who is coming over to the UK from Belgium to present two sessions related to the recent Azure AppFabric CTP release. Session 1: Exploring the advanced messaging capabilities in Azure AppFabric Service Bus. All applications move to the cloud! ? No, they don?t! Implementing hybrid solutions, connecting applications and services between the cloud and the data center will be a reality in today?s solutions. In this session, we will explore the new features that have been released in the AppFabric May CTP. This CTP introduces a lot of new messaging capabilities to the Windows Azure platform. After an overview of the integration roadmap, we will mainly present the various messaging capabilities (the new queues, publish-subscribe patterns, sessions), the new WCF Service Bus bindings and the relaying capabilities of the AppFabric Service Bus. Expect a session full of demos and code and with a minimum of slides! Session 2: Deploying and managing composite applications with Azure AppFabric The second session dives into the new capabilities of the AppFabric Composite Applications. These are being provided in the June CTP and contain great components like Workflow, Service Bus settings, Web Services, etc. This session will show the concepts of the Composite Applications, the hosting in the AppFabric containers and the management and deployment capabilities that are part of the CTP.