Apr 18

Pipeline Performance

At the moment I’m working on one of the world’s biggest civilian project and one of the world’s biggest biztalk implementation. In order to achive strict SLA targets each and every milliseconds Biztalk takes inside the processing time frame is really critical for us. I’m in the process of tuning performance in our custom pipeline … Continue reading Pipeline Performance

By Saravana

Apr 8

Passed 74-135 Biztalk 2004 Exam

Took the exam this afternoon and cleared it. Phew! One of toughest MS exams I’ve taken. Just theoretical knowledge will not help to pass this paper. I feel some of the questions are really easy ones, which you can answer directly without thinking too much for example, having a key file to deploy the assembly … Continue reading Passed 74-135 Biztalk 2004 Exam

By Saravana

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