six months of middleware friday

Jul 12

Middleware Friday turns 6 Months

Yes, it has been 6 months since we launched Middleware Friday! Saravana announced the launch of Middleware Friday in the first week of this year.  After a fair success from Integration Monday events under Integration User Group, Saravana and Kent had the idea to experiment this concept of short video blogs on some interesting Integration … Continue reading Middleware Friday turns 6 Months

By mohan nagaraj

Jan 25

Why Do We Care So Much About The BizTalk Community?

A lot of times, people are puzzled why we care so much about the BizTalk community. We write good blog articles covering in-depth topics or sometimes fight with the competitors of BizTalk Server, we publish lot of white papers and eBooks on BizTalk, we actively run a weekly webinar on Integration/BizTalk, we organize the most influential annual … Continue reading Why Do We Care So Much About The BizTalk Community?

By Saravana

Jul 26

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #11

Update #11 for  Contributors: 109, Articles Count: 994 Articles Updated: Elton Stoneman Elton Stoneman AIC 2009: A Value-Driven Approach to ESBs BizTalk Server/Planning and Architecture/ESB BizTalk Cache Adapter Samples BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/General, Custom BizTalk Cache Adapter BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/General, Custom Using WCF-Custom Bindings in Dynamic Ports BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/HTTP, SOAP, WCF Using PowerShell in BizTalk Post-Processing Scripts … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #11

By Saravana

Jul 13

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #10

Update #10 for  Contributors: 103, Articles Count: 962 Articles Updated: BizTalk Core Engines WebLog BizTalk Core Engines WebLog Whole buncha stuff BizTalk Server/Development/Tips BizTalk Adapter Development BizTalk Adapter Development Good as Gold! New WCF Adapter FAQ Whitepaper! BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/WCF LOB Adapter/Information Posts New! Line of Business Adapter Sample Walkthroughs and Whitepapers BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/WCF LOB … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #10

By Saravana

Jul 12

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #9

Update #9 for  Contributors: 101, Articles Count: 943 Articles Updated: Mikael Hakanssons Mikael H?kanssons Blog What is a BizTalk Application? BizTalk Server/Getting Started Jan Eliasen Just another BizTalk Guy Looping around elements of a message, followup BizTalk Server/Development/Tips SQL Server Adapter Add Generated Item Wizard closes unexpectedly BizTalk Server/Development/Adapters/SQL Distinguished field not working BizTalk … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #9

By Saravana

Jun 26

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #8

Update #8 for  Contributors: 99, Articles Count: 907 Articles Updated: Clint Huffman Clint Huffman’s Windows Performance Blog Microsoft BizTalk Server Explained in Simple Terms BizTalk Server/Getting Started Helpful PowerShell One-Liners BizTalk Server/Development/Power Shell Microsoft BizTalk Database Tips for Microsoft SQL Server DBA’s BizTalk Server/Database BizTalk Artifact Duration Aggregations BizTalk Server/Performance How to use the … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #8

By Saravana

Jun 19

BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #7

It’s almost 2 months since Update #6, that’s mainly due to the release of revamped Let me re-instantiate the series with our own EDI hero Eric Stott. Update #7 for  Contributors: 97, Articles Count: 885 Articles Updated: Eric Stott Eric Stott Event Log Monitor BizTalk Server/Development/Developer Tools/Community Tools BizTalk Message to System.String in … Continue reading BizTalk 247 blogDoc Update #7

By Saravana

Apr 7

Release of

Version 2 of is live now, Currently there are 93 contributors and 761 articles in the site, many more in pipeline which will be added shortly in next few weeks. Majority of Version 2’s functionality is around the background processing of the site, which will allow me to efficiently add/manage articles and contributors. Also, … Continue reading Release of

By Saravana

Sep 5

Introducing – blogdoc

It’s been a long journey creating blogdoc, it was silently live for almost 8 months now. There is always something you like to add to the site, its a never ending story. Now I think its time to reveal it to public. Still I got some back-end work to be completed, but I’ll take the … Continue reading Introducing – blogdoc

By Saravana

Feb 14

It’s ‘s first birthday

Hello readers, I need to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and interest on I launched the site same time last year on valentines day, to support the BizTalk community. The site acts as a single portal containing all sort of information relevant to BizTalk Server 2004, 2006, and R2 like Search, Videos, Articles, … Continue reading It’s ‘s first birthday

By Saravana

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