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Published on : Sep 5, 2008

Category : BizTalk Server



It’s been a long journey creating blogdoc, it was silently live for almost 8 months now. There is always something you like to add to the site, its a never ending story. Now I think its time to reveal it to public. Still I got some back-end work to be completed, but I’ll take the plunge and release it, which will force me to complete it ASAP. image As phase II development of BizTalk 24 * 7, I have added a brand new functionality called “blogDoc , which basically is a MSDN style structured grouping of BizTalk blog articles out in the public. image It’s not one of the automated sites which simply aggregates blog content from various sources, there is quite a bit of manual work involved behind the scene to accomplish this. Every article will have link pointing back to authors original post and will include the phrase “Author XXX owns this article, and as such retain the sole copyright of the content.” Contributors: There are 91 contributors and 690 articles at the moment, you can see the full list via this link I still got few more in the pipeline, will be in the site shortly. If I’ve missed your blog, if you have some valuable contents please contact me via my blog. Criteria is very simple, the content must be related to BizTalk Server. Authors: Every contributor will get an summary page, explaining briefly about their profile, link to their original blog and all the articles present in “blogdoc” – categorised. The following link  shows the profile of our BizTalk hero Charles Young. Who can forget his great article “How Subscription works” Example: image I’ve collected the authors profile information from various public sources (like MVP profile, web site/blog “about me” etc). if you are interested in updating your profile please contact me via Profile Format: Description: Photo: 98*76 pixels Blog URL: Search Functionality: There is a search functionality available in the site powered by open source Lucene, which will search all the available articles present in blogdoc. image Please help me spread the word: If you are interested please put the blogdoc logo image on your blogs side bar and link it to your profile (if present), else please point it to the home page The logo size is 160 X 50, which should fit most of your side bars. If you have any concerns regarding duplication of your content, please let me know via my blog. NOTE: I tried my best to design this web site, with my limited hobbyist ASP.NET knowledge, if you face any issues please let me know. I’m crossing my fingers now 🙂 Nandri! Saravana