Recapture on BizTalk360 and Atomic Scope support 2023

Recapture on BizTalk360 and Atomic Scope support 2023

Published on : Dec 20, 2023

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The year 2023 will end in a few days, and 2024 will begin. This year ended quickly, like any other in a matter of months. Every year is a fresh opportunity to learn and grow.

Customer service will always be regarded as the public face of any product and business. They interact with clients and try to address their concerns, questions, and difficulties. As the year draws to a close, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the past and express our gratitude to all our wonderful clients, collaborators, and the BizTalk360 & Atomic Scope team for their unwavering support.

Our first goal as a technical support team is to resolve client problems. Our clients contact us via a variety of methods, including email, the support portal, phone calls, the feedback widget, etc. to submit support issues. Every support engineer has an obligation to ensure that the support issue is handled and resolved promptly to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

In addition to addressing the support requests, which is our top priority, we also take part in other activities. Like the Customer Relationship, Best Practice Installation and Quarterly Health check calls, Blogs, article creation and more. 2023 was a better year than before.

Number crunching

We are pleased to provide the numbers for the support cases we managed in 2023. This is the outcome of our constant effort and commitment, which has led to some encouraging statistics for BizTalk360 and Atomic Scope Customer Support.

For BizTalk360 support

  • 78.9% of the tickets were resolved within SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • May, October, and November were the busiest months, with the highest number of tickets received.
BizTalk360 ticket support

These figures are derived from information supplied by Freshdesk, our customer assistance platform. Below metrics is the sample one

BizTalk360 Product support (SLA) BizTalk360 Product support (violations)

For Atomic Scope support

  • 71.9% of the tickets were resolved within SLA.
  • January, May, and July were the busiest months, which had the highest number of tickets received.
Atomic Scope ticket support

Additionally, to better understand our clients’ infrastructure and the situation and to expeditiously handle difficulties that may otherwise end up costing them the day, we arrange support calls with them to explore the problem. Let us quickly review the call’s statistical information.

Primary goal

By the specified resolution, the support engineer’s priority will be making sure customers are satisfied. Every support ticket that is closed has a customer survey attached with the closure answer, asking the client to score the support engineers’ resolve. The score might be awesome, neutral, or disappointing.

Based on the reviews and feedback we get from consumers, the customer satisfaction surveys assist us in providing better service. Individual performance is measured by taking this report once a week, once a month, and once every quarter. We are delighted to report that most of the replies we got were rated as “Awesome,” with very few receiving worse scores.

Some of the comments we received from the customer end are included below.

  • Excellent customer service. Thank you!
  • A suggested new feature has been implemented to solve an issue, and it works! Thank you.
  • Thanks for joining the call and providing your assistance in BizTalk360 upgrade. We are glad that it went smoothly.
  • Happy to hear that BizTalk360 will be an all-in-one solution. Saves us a lot of time in troubleshooting BizTalk errors.

These figures are derived from information supplied by Freshdesk, our customer assistance platform. The below metrics is the sample one.

Support Activity Support ticket survey by agent

High Volume Contributors

We have taken new initiatives for the product’s improvement. As the products BizTalk360 and Atomic Scope are getting better each release, the team felt that they wanted more insights and exact numbers of the support cases based on the ticket classifications.

We will classify the tickets at every month’s end. Let us see a quick example of how we have classified the tickets.

Total number of support tickets
Month Total No of Tickets Tickets closed Feature requests Bugs reported Open Waiting on customer
September 70 67 (4 in November) 1 2 0 12
October 71 61 (18 in November) 1 1 (fixed in X.X version) 2 28
November 71 42 2 3 2 22
Jan-August 497 485 (19 in November) 4 2 0 6

Major version releases

Every three to four months, BizTalk360 will release an updated version with new features, improvements, and bug fixes. In the current year, we have released 4 new versions, which are 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. Find the release notes for all versions here. We can expect 10.9 during early January.

Among the standout additions made in 2023 from BizTalk360 are,

In Atomic Scope, we have released a couple of versions, which are 9.0 and 9.1, in the current year.

Customer Success

In addition to addressing support questions, we also work on creating product documentation, blogs, support tickets testing, quarterly health check sessions, customer relationship calls, best practice installation and configuration sessions.

Quarterly Health check sessions

Making sure clients fully utilize the BizTalk360 tool and fully understand the entire range of capabilities they have purchased as part of their license is the primary goal of QHC calls. During the call, a brief synopsis of the new features included in the most recent version will be provided, along with some recommendations and best practices to raise the monitoring’s usefulness. Along with this, clients will also receive updates on new BizTalk360 versions, license information, and, if any problems arise, prompt resolution or the option to open a support ticket (which we will seek help from the relevant team).

Some of our clients would ask for help upgrading their production environment during these sessions to prevent malfunctions and downtime. It is advised you make a backup of the BizTalk360 database, and the service account credentials before starting the update to ensure a seamless experience.

Best Practice sessions

In addition to providing an introduction of the key capabilities, such as tracking the status of BizTalk artifacts and analytics, Best Practice sessions are arranged for new clients to initiate BizTalk360 configuration monitoring and get them started with the tool. We will offer recommendations depending on their needs and areas of discomfort.

Let us see the stats that contributed from the support team.

Support calls handled

Usability testing

Prior to the version’s release, we sent the usability build to clients who expressed interest or encountered problems so they could assess it for usability testing. We were able to get input and freeze the final build before releasing it to the public and all our clients. The tech support team will test the build to ensure that the fixes are included before releasing the definitive version to the clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers who helped us enhance BizTalk360 by testing the usability build and providing insightful comments. 

Technical Writing

As support engineers, we encounter frequent issues and difficulties that customers have with the product. The issue can have a single step to a solution. We have begun producing “Tips and Tricks” articles to make it simple and helpful for our clients. The support team oversees the creation and updating of these articles. You can find at the bottom of the documentation topics.

BizTalk360 documentation

We transform our daily learning and experiences with technological issues into a few blogs as an extension of technical writing.

Feedback pools

Customers can provide suggestions and insightful comments on the features they expect from BizTalk360 as well as ones they now utilize by visiting the feedback site. Every version includes a selection of features based on client votes and input. Post your ideas and feedback here,

Apart from the Feedback portal, we also collect customer feedback from technical support calls, Customer Relationship calls (CR), Best Practice (BP) and Configuration sessions, Quarterly Health Check sessions (QHC).

New challenges

Without a doubt, 2024 will be a fantastic year for the BizTalk360 crew.

Every day, as support engineers, we deal with a variety of issues. Since various customers may encounter different problems in diverse environment architectures, every support case is distinct. However, the way that the case is troubleshooted and the underlying reason for the issue make some of the support instances intriguing. We are pleased to have worked on instances that were interesting and challenging.


Utilizing statistics allows one to analyze data and make inferences from it. Additionally, it may be applied to forecast future behaviours and occurrences. These stats helped and let us know what your key pain points are and help us prioritize the next upcoming feature.

If you have any questions, you can always send an email to, and we will respond to you right away and take care of the problem.

There is a new beginning for every ending. Let us hope and pray that 2024 brings with it an abundance of miracles and joy.

Happy monitoring with BizTalk360!