Our first UK SOA/BPM User Group Meeting

Published on : Jul 18, 2008

Category : Events



Last night we had our first UK SOA/BPM user group meeting held at Microsoft office in London Victoria. Thanks goes to Jonathan Woodward, Michael Stephenson , Andy James for organising this. It was a good turn around for the first meeting, around 30 people. It’s good to get in touch with some of the folks you have only known in the online world.  I think its very healthy knowledgeable crowd, with fellow MVP’s (Yossi Dahan, Santosh Benjamin, Robert Hogg), few people from Connect Systems Advisory board, Microsoft and  Microsoft/Business Process Alliance.  I didn’t get the chance to speak to every single person, we only had 3 hours to network with each other, hopefully after few meetings we’ll get to know who’s who better. Nandri! Saravana