My First Month Experience With BizTalk360 Team

Published on : Apr 20, 2016

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After a long day at work in US while driving back home, I got into a thinking that I should move to India back and stay closer to my family. While I was exploring for an opportunity I contacted one of my friend and my student in Aptech, Saravana Kumar who is the CTO & Founder of BizTalk360. It was a mere coincidence that he was also looking for someone and my profile matched his requirement of a delivery head for the BizTalk360 team in India.

Honestly speaking…

I was first thinking whether to take up offer from a startup company or should I accept offer from another BIG MNC company in Chennai. It wasn’t very hard decision to make. There are few reasons why I decided to be part of BizTalk360 team, but here are the 2 good reasons; The very first thing I thought about is the founder of the company – Saravana Kumar. He is an enthusiastic, tech savvy person for very long time, MVP since 2007,  I know him for close to 20 years, I am very well aware of his way of working culture, who gives complete freedom to his colleagues, he is a person who always wants to do something different and useful for the community. Then the second reason is the city, “COIMBATORE”. The city made me who I am today, the city known for very pleasant weather, very conservative city and good living style. I always loved Coimbatore. Today when I am writing this blog, I know I took right decision in all aspects.

First Day Surprise

My First day at my work started with lot of surprises. In my 21+ years of experience I have never received such a warm welcome by entire team members both from India & UK. Team has arranged yummy chocolate cake and beautiful flower bouquet. I still wonder how they know chocolate cake is my favorite. BizTalk360 Team - First Day Surprise

BizTalk360 Team

I met the team behind Saravana & BizTalk360, who made possible of Saravana’s vision into reality. Team is very young, smart and extremely skilled. I am pleasantly surprised to see their passion towards product development. There are young kids just out from college who are writing massive code to build the new products, Senior tech members researching cutting edge technology and developing more than what Microsoft has offered to BizTalk community, QA/testing team members configuring and setting up the BizTalk server, handling Azure management tool and even writing bit of .NET code, Sales and Marketing team are spreading their wings and reaching out to our customers across the world and our Admin & HR team who were behind the scene who constantly support all the needs of our team members, I could write a whole new blog to talk about our team’s strength and skills but in short here I would recollect Saravana’s quote from his blog:
Being small gives us great flexibility and agility, we maintain a laser-focus on solving problems effectively
BizTalk360 Team 2016 We might be small in terms team size but today we have 440+ customers across geography. I am very proud and honored to be part of this BizTalk360 team!

My initial focus

With such strong team and the founder’s vision to take BizTalk360 into whole new level, I have huge responsibility of managing this current BizTalk360 team and the projects which are in progress. As a growing organization we will be focusing more on improving the process which will help as a team to deliver much more quality and effective way of producing the artifacts. Our focus is to bring CMMi level of process in place. We will be expanding our team to create new products. As our customer size is growing and frequent request from our customers all over the world, we are planning for 24 x 5 support. We are also in the process of adding skilled team members to our BizTalk360 family. I am very excited for many reasons, the primary reason is to work with this team who are passionate about invention, creation of products using cutting edge technology which gives me a new level of exposure to the new technology.