MVP Year – #2

Published on : Jul 4, 2008

Category : Events



image I’m delighted to say I been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for second year in a row. My first MVP year was awesome, its hard to believe the level of benefits you get from Microsoft for being an MVP. I’ll say the highlight of my award year was participating in the “Oslo” Software Design Review at Redmond during the MVP global summit. Without being an MVP its very unlikely I would have got a chance like this to hear directly from the Product team their future road map. It’s not all about hearing what’s coming soon, but also getting the opportunity to engage yourself in heated debate and to provide feedback directly to the product team to shape the technology you love the most. One of the other exciting thing for me as part of “Oslo” SDR, is the chance to interact with the industry experts. It was limited set of audience (around 40 people I believe) including people like Don Box, Juval Lowy, Michele Leroux Bustamante , Jesus Rodriguez, Jon Flanders, Sam Gentile, Brian Loesgen, Charles Young, Richard Seroter, Scott Colestock, Stephen Thomas, to name the few (guys I haven’t left anyone intentionally, this list is from just on top of my head). Not to mention, you get MSDN or Technet subscription free during your award year, which is great for a technical enthusiast to play with different things without the barrier of buying it. I also need to thank everyone behind the scene, who nominated me for this award year.