MVP Summit 2008

Published on : Apr 14, 2008

Category : Events



It’s exactly 24 hours since I started my journey from London Heathrow to attend the 2008 MVP summit, I’m still travelling. I’m writing this blog post from Chicago O’hare airport at 5:30 AM in the morning. It’s not a good start, it looks like I’m going to miss the morning session of the summit. Lesson Learned: Avoid change overs in US from International to Domestic with short time duration.  Don’t plan to reach your destination very late. To add to my short transit time, my Air India flight was delayed by almost 1hr:45 minutes. I knew very clearly there is no chance of catching my connecting flight. As expected I missed my connecting flight from Chicago to Seattle, to add to my shock list they said they couldn’t find any seat availability for whole of Monday to Seattle. Luckily after spending 30 minutes with the Air India staff they found one via St. Louis for next day which will take me to Seattle at around 11AM, but again the transit time is less than 30 minutes to get my connecting flight from St. Louis to Seattle. I was put in a near by Hotel for that night. I arrived at the airport at around 4:45AM next day, the airport staff gave me two options either to take the flight via St. Louis or take a direct flight to Seattle which will take me 45 minutes later than the original one. With previous night experience I happily grabbed the offer in both hands to take the direct flight. Now I need to wait for another 3 hours in the airport to catch my flight. Hope this terrible events will end here, and I’ll have a good enjoyable conference. I’ll miss the morning session, but hopefully there should be plenty more for me to cheer up for rest of the event. I’ll try my level best to convey the message (of course useful technical stuff, not all this blabbing), I can during the course of the conference. -Saravana