MVP Global Summit – 2009

Published on : Feb 8, 2009

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Chaps, I’m going to be there this year, I just booked my flights and completed the registrations this weeks. Those of you flying from UK please contact me via the contact link, we?ll see if we are travelling on the same dates. For those folks who?ll be travelling under visa waiver program (anybody with UK passport, see the link for full list of countries who come under VWP see this link) its important to know the new US rules. Full details can be found here, please do your registration via ELECTRONIC SYSTEM FOR TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (ESTA) International travellers who are seeking to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) are now subject to enhanced security requirements. On August 1, 2008, the Department of Homeland Security began accepting voluntary registrations from qualified VWP travelers under the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). From January 12, 2009, ESTA becomes mandatory for all qualified VWP travelers entering the United States on or after that date with the exception of citizens of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Republic of Korea for whom ESTA is mandatory if entering the United States on or after November 17, 2008. ESTA applies only to those VWP travelers entering the United States by air or sea. Travelers entering by land either from Canada or Mexico are not required to register before traveling. Travel Authorization is obtained through an online registration system known as ESTA. If your registration is successful, it will be valid for multiple applications for two years or until the date on which your passport expires, which ever comes first. Before going on line to register, you should ensure that you are qualified to travel under the Visa Waiver Program otherwise your registration will be rejected. It also does not guarantee entry into the United States; that decision rests with the immigration official at the Port of Entry in the same way that travelers currently entering the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program or with a visa are subject to inspection. Entering the United States by land Travelers who make their initial entry into the U.S. by land from either Canada or Mexico are NOT required to travel authorization through ESTA before traveling. Warning If your passport has ever been reported lost or stolen to the authorities and then recovered, please do not attempt to use it for travel to the United States. If you input the passport details into ESTA, your application will be denied. Saravana