Major updates to BizTalk – Introducing V2

Published on : May 21, 2009

Category : BizTalk Server



I’m thrilled to announce the release of BizTalk 247 V2 . This is the major update to the web site after its birth on 14th Feb 2007. The new site has gone through various updates, its completely rewritten. I hope you enjoy the new design. image Some of the major updates to the site includes:
  • New Content, Content, Content. Yes majority of the missing contents from BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and 2009 are added into the site now. The site got lot of new books, video links, tools links, documentation, posters etc, etc
  • Complete face lift. The web site is completely redesigned from scratch to give a fresh new look.
  • Easy to remember url’s. This is my favourite feature.Now you can remember url’s easily. example , (how many times have you googled to find the url of the BizTalk forums?!!)
  • Some community features added, things like latest BizTalk news, BizTalk downloads, random BizTalk mvp’s blogs on the home page.
  • The site now features a side bar with featured books, articles and guides.
I constantly get emails pointing to BizTalk resources like new user groups, open source projects, articles, third party offering etc to be included in the web site. I made best of my efforts to accommodate it, but its often difficult to update the site for small changes. This time I have gone through all the emails I’ve received in the last year or so to make sure the content is added this time. So guys check it out. Don’t forget for all the best blog articles related to BizTalk Server. There are some blank place holders for Advertisement, if you are interested please contact me via the contact us link. Nandri! Saravana Kumar