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Published on : Sep 13, 2016

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Nevetha Krishnan


biztalk360 support Hello, Good day! I’m Nevetha Krishnan, a support engineer from the BizTalk360 Support Team. I’m sure I’ve spoken to many of you via support tickets and if I haven’t we would be happy to hear from you, just send an email to I joined BizTalk360 12 months ago and I’m enjoying the nature of work and the BizTalk360 family around me. Every day, as a team, we use the knowledge we have gained through our experiences to help our customers and our colleagues. We all know how it feels waiting for a response when you are facing an issue. At BizTalk360, we make sure to get back to our customers with a clear, truthful and precise reply as soon as possible. Some of the key points we keep in mind in order to deliver a great customer experience are:
  • Empathize with the customer, put yourself in their shoes and try to understand the issue
  • Try to resolve the issue by providing the steps in an easy to understand manner
  • Keep your cool even though pressure/emotions may run high
We take all of your inputs on board. We always listen to our customer’s feedback and even have a portal where they can post their ideas and requirements. These ideas go through a voting process and those with the highest votes are taken into consideration for development in the next feature release. An example of this is our most recent version BizTalk360 8.0 which had a major UI face-lift and this was achieved by combining many suggestions/ideas from our loyal customers. So as a Technical Support Engineer, every day we deal with customers from all around the globe. We make sure to always deliver high quality support to our customers by solving complex technical problems and helping to proactively prevent new issues.

What we do as a technical support team

We as a team determine the problem specifically and analyse the customer’s expectations for resolution. We do bring our technical team members into this crowd to discuss the top issues regularly and resolve it. We also have conference calls for the UK and India team to discuss the top issues, open cases and share the best practices for each problem. If we are unable to sort out the problem by an email conversation, we immediately go on a web meeting and have a direct conversation by screen sharing meetings with our customers. Our team is very passionate about learning new technologies, products and tools which can help us to find a solution for a customer problem.

Make every interaction count, even the small ones. They are all relevant.

We love the comments and the feedback at G2 Crowd site which really perk up our team’s day! We would be very grateful if you could take the time to tell us about your before-and -after experience, I bet you will have something exciting to say!